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    Extinction Clan - Rescue Dr Cross

      I'm starting an extinction focused clan, Rescue Dr Cross, to avoid the long delays and problems associated with finding a competent group in a public match.  I currently have about 60 PoC escapes with about 30 platinum, and 4 nightfall victories with 2 platinum.


      Those interested in membership must be willing to:


      • First and foremost play as a team
        • Mics are preferred, but if not, members must be willing to listen to those with mics
        • Loadout choices should be agreed upon together
        • Using relics should be communicated before gameplay so players are aware of this
        • Gameplay decisions are made as a team, including who will provide ammo, armor, etc.
        • Search boxes should be shared
      • Challenges should almost always be attempted, especially early on.
        • Sometimes this isn't best and should be decided on as a team
      • Leaderboard stats should demonstrate skill with at least some escapes in PoC
        • Those without escapes need to communicate with other group members and listen to those more experienced


      Hopefully once we get a few members with friends who play mostly extinction our membership will grow fast and we can all avoid the delays in finding a decent group.