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    [PS4] Extinction Clan - Rescue Dr Cross

      I'm starting an extinction focused clan, Rescue Dr Cross, to avoid the long delays and problems associated with finding a competent group in a public match.  I currently have about 60 PoC escapes with about 30 platinum, and 4 nightfall victories with 2 platinum.


      Those interested in membership must be willing to:


      • First and foremost play as a team
        • Mics are preferred, but if not, members must be willing to listen to those with mics
        • Loadout choices should be agreed upon together
        • Using relics should be communicated before gameplay so players are aware of this
        • Gameplay decisions are made as a team, including who will provide ammo, armor, etc.
        • Search boxes should be shared
      • Challenges should almost always be attempted, especially early on.
        • Sometimes this isn't best and should be decided on as a team
      • Leaderboard stats should demonstrate skill with at least some escapes in PoC
        • Those without escapes need to communicate with other group members and listen to those more experienced


      Hopefully once we get a few members with friends who play mostly extinction our membership will grow fast and we can all avoid the delays in finding a decent group.

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          Re: [PS4] Extinction Clan - Rescue Dr Cross

          [Edit] Currently most active clan member are EST, although there are some non-US players. [/Edit]

          [Edit] Another couple of weeks later and here is a new update:

          Clan size: 12 active members

          PoC Escapes: 450+ (200+ platinum)

          Nightfall Victories: 130 (50+ platinum)


          New comments:  As the clan has grown we have found the importance of a mic and communication to essential to the cooperative teamwork type of play we are going for.  Therefore new requirements to join are as follows:


          • Mics are now essential to clan membership.
            • If you do not have one and would still like to join please message me (mjHession) and indicate that you at least plan on getting a mic and provide a timeframe for when you will be able to acquire one).
          • DLC content is required.  With many members having over 50 PoC escapes we are looking to play the DLCs more ofter.
            • We still play PoC, but want to be able to play DLC maps with all clan members.


          Also, unfortunatly, we have also had to kick a two members because of a lack of clear communication and a lack of teamwork first play style, both including repeated offenses after multiple warnings.  Although there was not one distinct reason for being kick violations include:

          • Running 5 relics after being asked to not run more than one and agreeing to only run one.
          • Running 1 relic in secret after being asked if anyone was running relics in the lobby.
          • Extremely poor communication in teamwork play (not drop team supports when asked, searching when asked to wait, et cetera)
          • Unwilling to adjust load out after other lobby members made team decided load out adjustments


          Overall the clan has been a big success.  I personally have had several game with most members and nearly all have been successful missions.  Many members are on nearly every night and gameplay has been great.  [/Edit]

          After just a couple days we have 5 members and three more who asked for invites.  Together we have about 180 PoC escapes and 25 nightfall victories. 

          Lets keep growing till its easy to find a group to play with. Apply directly to the clan through the COD app (clan name: Rescue Dr Cross). Once a member, invite your PSN friends who play extinction to join!

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            Re: [PS4] Extinction Clan - Rescue Dr Cross

            where in the world are u?

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              Re: [PS4] Extinction Clan - Rescue Dr Cross

              hi I've applied to the clan through the app.  my psn is sheedyxx.  I've got a mic and over 30 escapes in point of contact and nightfall, looking for a good team to try and beat nightfall with 5 relics and work as a team and have a good time

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                Re: [PS4] Extinction Clan - Rescue Dr Cross

                So the clan has been growing this week.  We are up to 10 members.  I think we are up to about 250 PoC escapes and 40 Nightfall victories.   last night I couldn't join up we clan members because they were already playing, which is great.  Everyone continue to invite your friends and get the clan growing!

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                  Re: [PS4] Extinction Clan - Rescue Dr Cross

                  I don't want to leave my clan per say, I like it when we do the multiplayer, but I feel like there aren't enough PS4 extinction folks who aren't 9 and oblivious, ergo, I would love to play up with you guys sometime.


                  Add me:  cybizzorg.

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                    Re: [PS4] Extinction Clan - Rescue Dr Cross

                    Hey if you want to send me a Friend request a lot of my clan members play Extinction and are very strong players. We are in an all PS4 diamond and GB clan however but we would definitely party up wit your members if you want. Out of the 40 of us about 10-15 play regularly and we are CST and EST.

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                      Re: [PS4] Extinction Clan - Rescue Dr Cross

                      add me: ADR050

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                        Re: [PS4] Extinction Clan - Rescue Dr Cross

                        can i join

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                          Re: [PS4] Extinction Clan - Rescue Dr Cross

                          i would like to join to complete the extinction maps, got a mic and can follow instruction

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                            Re: [PS4] Extinction Clan - Rescue Dr Cross

                            Hi my roommate and I play extinction regularly, we got several escapes from PoC with a couple of relics, a couple from nightfall (got season pass) and have gone through a number of prestiges we also got several of the armory upgrades and are looking for good organized players to play and earn more of them teeth. We play split screen with mic, we adapt our loudout according to the team needs. my main issue with extinction is not being able to find good matches and so we are looking for cool people that enjoy blasting cripts as much as we do.
                            my PS4 user is--------   washkilla9999 -------- and my roomate is --------   ADR050 --------  add us to youre clan or friend list and you wont regret it, we play to complete challenges and support the team wether its being medic engeneer or simply helping kill all those nasty cripts with a weapon especialist.

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                              Re: [PS4] Extinction Clan - Rescue Dr Cross

                              Hi, i also play extintion a lot more tha the multiplayer and i have the season pass.... my PsN profile is leozambra ... and im tired to play with people who cant read te objective of the challenge or help each other ..... adme to  your clan please....

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                                Re: [PS4] Extinction Clan - Rescue Dr Cross



                                I'd also like to join this clan. Add me pls: project_azz



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                                  Re: [PS4] Extinction Clan - Rescue Dr Cross

                                  I want to join the extinction clan but also I am already in a clan for clan wars.

                                  Can you add my PSN Nutley99


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                                    Re: [PS4] Extinction Clan - Rescue Dr Cross

                                    Hi I have a mic and would like to join your clan, I have applied through the app. I dont have many escapes though I only started playing extinction a couple of weeks ago. I have escaped on every map though. I am on ps4 and my psn is: OneAndOnly2G

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