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    Why not save the PC community?


      Double XP weekend with new maps in rotation and still only 51 people playing HC S&D?  NO GAMES FOUND for an hour?


      Add dedicated servers and a server browser and a lot of players will return AND we can police hackers ourselves.


      Why not give us this?

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            I don't think its a good idea to allow players to police the servers their selves, there is way too many crying PC players that think everyone is a hacker and it will just ruin the game even more.

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              I love to play on Headquarters HC, which gamemode was cutted in "bo2" and "cod g". this game dying for PC-players.

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                You should be able to choose who you want to play with and not join a lobby if it has some one you have in a  exclude list.


                The only person it affects then  is you. I'd sooner not play with or get put in a lobby with some one I suspect is cheating.
                You see the same people time and time again, they even say they don't care that they are cheating. Give control to the players.


                Cheats, Activision & IW have killed COD if people had more control over the lobby there would be more playing.

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                  MizCenuij wrote:


                  Add dedicated servers and a server browser and a lot of players will return AND we can police hackers ourselves.


                  Why not give us this?


                  Why bother? What's to browse?? No one is playing Ghosts anymore and neither Dedicated Servers nor a Server Browser is the reason. No doubt a combination of Hackers and a Lackluster game is the cause; even the Console players are sick of this game.


                  Titanfall got old fast and many of us, PC FPS Gamers, are all split up playing other games. Personally I've been playing BO2, but I'm considering CS.


                  Let us all hope the next CoD isn't a disaster!!! Ghosts is apply named and dead.

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                    Lowest point I noticed was last Saturday evening (ET). 863 players online worldwide; and that was a double XP weekend! The norm for me is ~12-1500 players worldwide.

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                      They will not give us Dedicated servers as WE kick the cheats and some times the good players, this in turn makes the good players cry as because of their stats.


                      The JohnnyClan all old gits. we only play for fun. if we all buy  the game and pay for a dedi box and we do like to play the public sometimes we come across a a right funny guy that like us just plays for fun.


                      When we have had our own server on other COD titles we used to get that same faces back in as they knew we didnt stand nonsence ie cheats or young kids mouthing off. Remember them days The servers were busy. and we had fun. now its all about having the shiniest badge! pffft.


                      With Dedi servers  you can have a cheat server where cheats go to play. Those that play regular soon save the best servers!


                      IOve not played Ghost for ages now this is the longest i have gone without playing the latest COD game. we are back on cod4 dedi box ... we add new maps to keep it fresh.  any rate there is a new WW2 shoot em up out in october. looks sexy

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                          The what?? A kick option has nothing to do with Dedicated Servers, you can/could have that option now. Matchmaking is what's fouled up in this and most games including CoD. Maybe you're thinking of Rentable Servers?!


                          Treyarch had a good anti cheat, but IW blows!

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                              Back in blops we have our own server and make the rules. Like map and mode rotation. Able to ban cheaters and more.

                              I think it will a good Start to add the custom game maker to the online part.

                              But please give us rentable server.

                              It's our money and you will miss nothing, it's extra money we pay to get the best game experience.

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                                  I don't want to rent. I have a server box with a sweet fiber connect to the intarweebs.


                                  If they even want people playing this game at all on PC then they need to release free public dedicated servers. This way server companies can host for people who want to rent too.


                                  My friends and I are not buying any of the DLC for this game or any other titles from this developer and publisher because they never have released a dedi server after pretty much eluding that we would have them before the game came out. My friends and I all pre ordered but luckily not the season pass.


                                  We have not bought Titanfall either because of no dedicated servers for server hosts and now they are suffering from the same plague as this game and worse looks like they will fizzle out sooner than ghosts.


                                  Thinking of migrating to the game insurgency... has free dedicated servers with admin abilities, co-op and 32 person multiplayer with lots of game types and only 15 bucks which is a steal for what you get.