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    Infinite grenade glitch


      Theres a new glitch again and this time its infinite tactical grenade glitch and its really easy to do.

      I tryied it but it sucks, no advantage in game. This is not a hack or mod.


      Dont worry guys they path it in (some point)

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          There has been many posts about this already, but you had to tell the community that you glitched? Private match or not, you still took it upon yourself to do the glitch.

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              Yes i had to try because you can do it without some hacking.

              I have tryied the ice berg glitch too on whiteout.


              And the other posts here has been about hacking or modding, its only a glitch what everyone can do

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                  glitches are against the terms of service. Players get BANNED for "just glitching".



                  Glitching - Any user who abuses an exploit in game code or other established rule of play is subject to penalty. An example includes but is not limited to using a hole in the map geo to intentionally go outside of the map boundary.


                  First Offense: User will be temporarily banned from playing the game online, will have their stats reset, and will have their leaderboard entries deleted.


                  Multiple Offenses: User will be temporarily banned from playing the game online, will have their stats reset, will have online split-screen privileges revoked, and will be blocked permanently from appearing in leaderboards.


                  Here's the entire link so you can read up on it


                  Ghosts Online Code of Conduct


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                      I reported all the guys doing it yesterday both through game and directly to Activision, hopefully they get them..

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                        Hey evo, this is not directed at you, so please dont take this post as being made towards you. It is, however, being made in regards to the guidelines that we, as players, are supposed to abide by. I have a problem with the fact that, in the code of conduct, there even needs to be a mention of glitching.

                        I hate cheaters as much as anybody, almost passionately. That being said, when a company tells you that there are glitches in the game, and that you are not to take advantage of them, its kind of like saying "we didnt try very hard to make sure this game was complete. Please just ignore any irregularities that you may encounter."

                        In any other business in the world, this would be laughed at. I work in finance, and if I were to say "if you lose all of your money because I fail to make sure I have done everything correctly on my end, dont blame me."

                        If IW can ban people for glitching, then IW knows there is a glitch that needs to be fixed. While I hate it when people take advantage of an exploit in a game, I think jt is even worse that the company responsible for creating this glitch (accidentally) puts more effort in banning people who exploit the glitch than they do in fixing the glitch.

                        Some people will do anything to get an edge up on the competition. If IW does not want people to use this glitch- patch the damn thing. They know its there, they need to do something about it.

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                            Played against "EteK Energyy" and "K Everdeen iLy", both were doing this glitch and were just blowing the entire map up with thermos, flashbangs, and I swear even grenades. Couldn't play domination at all today because of this. If you guys want to report these players, go ahead I already did. Hate to be mean but this glitch is really going to mess up the clan wars if people are actually trying

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                              Sure they can/will  patch the glitches, but what is wrong with banning people who are exploiting it before they patch it? You agreed to the terms of service, if you don't agree then don't play the game.  I for one am glad they will ban people. I reported over 25 people this weekend and I hope they all get banned.

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                            Did someone twist your arm to try the glitches? Perhaps, hold a gun to your head? Somehow I doubt it. You are a cheater, plain and simple. Personally, I hope you have been reported (in fact, I just might do it myself since you went to the trouble to throw your own self under the proverbial bus). I hope you get a permanent ban and I hope they brick your Xbox.

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                          I wish I could say only 25, almost every game I did on MP there was a person using this glitch. I even had one guy wipe it in my face and when I told him I would report him he said, "So I'll just use my other account".