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    GH Store closes in less than 12 hours.

      If there is something you have been wanting to buy, you better hurry. The GH store goes down at midnight tonight on all systems. I'm not sure why they would rather completely throw away all that DLC content instead of having it greatly reduced (50 cents) or even for free. Like a thank you to the fans from Activision for making them billions of dollars from Guitar Hero. Which they pumped into Call Of Duty and made even more billions. Nope. Just throw it away. Forever. All the people that worked charting those songs. The millions they spent licensing the songs for sale in the store. Who cares. Just throw it in the trash instead of making money from it. Believe it or not there are still people playing Guitar Hero for the 1st time everyday. Just go search "Guitar Hero" on twitter if you don't believe me. Taking the store down completely makes no sense at all. What are you guys thoughts on this?