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    ps3 clan lvl 20,16 members,1.62 kd,0.70 w/l looking for active members

      Name: MurderonSight

      Leader: Xkon-OBezzy

      Members: 16

      lvl: 20

      Cw Wins: 2

      Current Division: Platinum


      1.40 kd or higher


      Active during Cw

      If interested in joining message me on psn @   Xkon-OBezzy or simply apply for the clan using the call of duty app


      Hey guys as you can see we are now recruiting. We are looking for active members that play at least 2 hours a day during clan wars,and play the objective. In a clan we offer unity,we try and communicate with each other during games in order to become better players,we also offer a winning culture. As a clan winning is what we value,we are looking for players that play the objective and know how to change roles according to the enemy players. We are also looking to get into clan battles once the clan gets bigger.