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    Guitar Hero Store Offline Early! (admin please read!)

      My understanding from all of the announcements was that the store would be closing at midnight the night of March 31--at the very end of the month. I have been gone on vacation and unable to access the store sooner. I bought a copy of Warriors of Rock on my way home today and got on the store on my Xbox 360 at 11:15 PM on March 30 Pacific time. The store should have been open for another 24 hours and 45 minutes. Instead, I found that the store is already closed. I have been planning on buying DLC for this game and according to the announcement, I should still have time to do so. Please respond so that I can get this resolved before it is too late. If there is a phone number I can call to talk to someone or an email address I can send this to, please let me know. I am very frustrated that the store was closed more than a day before we were promised it would be.


      Again, please respond so that we can get this resolved. This is very important to me. Thank you.

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          Just wanted to let you know you weren't the only one having problems. I logged in to my XBOX 360 at about 12:30 AM Pacific time on March 31st to find almost the whole store cleared out. According to Facebook quite a few people were having the same problem, claiming that items were taken down several hours before March 31st on their time!  I left Activision a message on their Facebook support page (Activision Assist) and this is how they replied:


          "We apologize for the late response. DLC availability varied, based on the region and timezone. Unfortunately, we are not able to extend the cutoff date. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience"

          I expressed my discontent that they should have communicated this better. One of their Facebook posts clearly states "After March 31st". There are still a few packs left if you want to salvage them but I definitely had more tracks I wanted. Fortunately, Rock Band has over 6000 songs still available and many are only a dollar a pop. Your Guitar Hero instruments will work with most Rock Band games I believe; I have not had trouble with the original Rock Band using my guitar. Also, you can find the Rock Band games dirt cheap used at game shops, but Rock Band 3 is still $20 I think, still a pretty good deal. I figure if Guitar Hero is going to deny my business early I will just take it elsewhere, and a lot of the DLC on Guitar Hero is available for download on Rock Band.  Hope this helps and I definitely better back up my DLC; once it's gone, it's gone!

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            My friend told me that on the 29th there were only 139 songs left in the store. When I checked on the 30th there were even less than that. So I decided not to buy anything at all. Even if there is a new Guitar Hero being announced at E3. This was no way to handle taking down the store.

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              Confirmed. I just found GH SH import code and wanted to login in store via GHWOR and store is totaly empty. Nothing in Special Offers... So sad... Just wasted money for code

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                what I don't understand is why take down their store in the first place? i mean the games are still out there and being played so what is the point in removing the store as long as people download the songs because there ARE some songs and favorites that aren't in rockband.


                Stilll I just got WOR a little while ago and redownloaded the Death Magnetic Metallica pack i bought years ago for GH3 and now the game tells me i can't even use it without a gh:wt downloadable content update thing. If you're going to clean out the store at least leave the items that allow us to import previous GH songs into GH 5 and WOR.

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                  Because whoever made the games or owned the rights was so ******* retarded, released too many of them too quick and many people lost interest....Why pay 60 for ONE game when a "Newer" one comes out like3-4 months later? why not just make one single game and simply add song packs to them...








                  But still the fact they closed down the store pisses me off. It's sad when I can get dlc from games that came out at the PS3's first ever released games and yet GH is nowhere to be seen, not even game demos. just goes to prove that whoever owned the rights simply threw it away and gave no ***** to their consumers.

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                    Wait, activision making a new game, thats actully a good thing right?