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    Best guns in Nightfall.


      Im just wondering what weapon combination you guys use/think are the best in Nightfall? What loadout do you guys use the most?


      1. I like the ARX and Chainsaw. (Sometimes i use the LSAT with the Vector).


      2. Medic or WS, MP-443 GRACH (Always), Team boosters or armor (other if needed), IMS or Sentry, Riot Shield or Portable turret(minigun).



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          I use the Maverick and I don't have a second primary, even though I can carry one. I leave it empty so I can do the gun challenges when they crop up. If I have a nice and decent team at the end, and we're all maxed on money (or close to), I will then go buy a Chainsaw for the Breeder.


          I've started using Weapon Specialist, purely because that helps with gun choices, or if I am Medic I use Team Boosters - unless someone on my team is doing, and they are gonna upgrade them to max straight away.

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              I usually grab the vector and hope I find a locker key with something nice and I usually do. I like the mobility you get with SMGs.  I also like running medic for all the speed boosts.

              When I play solo, I  run weapon specialist and always grab the LSAT for taking down the breeder fast in the first area.  Then if I don't get any specific weapon challenges I grab the Vector or Vepr.

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                Just like Stinky I will grab the Maverick and leave an empty slot for weapon challenges, If I have money left for the breeder fight I will usually upgrade a portable turret to the max to kill it quickly.


                I almost always run medic and run team booster as the reload speed is very helpful once fully upgraded as soon as possible.

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                I usually only carry one primary so it's mts with a weapon specialist and a vector with every other class.

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                  arx with rapid fire and muzzle break...i dont use a primary gun since im always on my portable turret but when i do get in trouble on a turret i need a gun that can take down hunters or rhinos fast and that gun seems to do the most damage in the least amount of time

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                      ARX is a beast for laying down some immediate hurt in a hurry. I can't really imagine that monster with rapid fire on it as I already dump clips for days with this thing. If I use the ARX I'm always ammo hungry.


                      This brings me to another question, why haven't they added extended mags as an attachment for some weapons? That would be pretty awesome for Extinction.

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                          instead of ammo clips they should do the extended clip that would be nice....but since i use the portable sentry the whole game i dont go threw ammo at all maybe pick it up less than 5 times throughout all of nightfall...i usually end up dropping money for people cause they go threw so much ammo...more people should use the portable turret

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                              I'm like this in some ways because I often times use the Grenade Turret. I like the Portable Turret as well but the Grenade suits my playstyle just a bit better. The splash damage is great for getting around corners and tight spaces to deliver a much needed kill when I don't have a clear line of sight on the enemy. I use the turrets when I want to play the game on easy mode. Otherwise I will use all kinds of guns to spice things up a bit. The Bulldog is quite possibly my favorite gun to do this with. I will only use it if I am WS and the person responsible for ammo as I dump it out pretty dang fast. Gobbling up Rhinos/Phantoms with that thing is tons of fun.

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                          I always buy the LSAT and Chain Saw. Only If someone is running Team boosters. I use the MP-443 GRACH, Explosive Ammo, Feral Instincts, Portable Sentry Gun, and Sentry Gun.

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                            When I play solo, I use the Maverick and hope to get Red Dot, Grip, Burst Fire (to conserve ammo), Muzzle Break. I use that until I can unlock the chainsaw, only because you move faster with that than any other LMG and hope for rapid fire and muzzle break. As far as loadout, since I only play solo, I use Tank for my class, the P226 pistol (for accuracy challenges), Explosive ammo (since it causes damage to multiple enemies), Armor (in case I run into trouble), IMS (I like to set it by the drill or myself when it comes to breeder time), and the Portable Turret (with good accuracy, I have taken the first breeder part down in under 25 seconds once). I am sure this set up isn't for everyone, but this is how I seem to do well on Nightfall, which I feel is the most difficult solo map since I have PS3 and don't have the third DLC yet. Hope this helps out!

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                              I personally use the ARX, running engineer class.  with grip and rapid fire, i find it unstoppable.  muzzle break is the icing on the cake.


                              if i use weapon specialist, i tend to use the chainsaw over the lsat.

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                                Maverick and Bulldog are the best. LMG's have high ammo capacities but low damage output.

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                                  I would recommend putting your early points into your pistol and carrying 2 primary weapons. I always have a Bulldog with a Muzzle Break (If possible) in one of my slots. Add some Incendiary Ammo and it is a beast against anything in your way. It also does damage to multiple aliens when they are close together, so remember to stop at choke points on the map and make some quick cash on all the kills. If you aren't a weapon specialist run with boosters so you don't have to beg for them.


                                  The other slot can be used for anything you want to experiment with. If they get in too close, just take out the bulldog and problem solved. Try this on Awakening too... When you get the Ark its a great time and it forces you to always charge ahead and keep moving. Nothing worse than playing on your heals and hiding.