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      This is getting ridiculous now iv spent over 3 hours trying to find a game with people with mics and still nothing yet. Im sure everyone else would agree that we need a mic only option. I love zombies but i cant stand to play a map like origins where people wont communicate and there is alot of team work involved. Iv finally gave up looking for a game after waiting almost 4 hours to find people with mics who arent going to back out, its sad that i have to give up playing a game that i love because i have to wait half the day before i can even get a game and by the time i do i have no time to play it. We need a mic only option ASAP, not only for black ops 3 but for all zombie maps on all formats.

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          Personally, I hate playing with a mic, just because I hate talking to people.
          But I'll leave my mic in, on mute mind you, and play a game for a few hours long and NEVER say a word to my other teammates.
          I don't even see the point in having my mic in, apart from the fact that people think that just because you have your mic in, you're going to be good, and stay in the game.
          I've met plenty of people that are much better than me and never quit that play without mics.

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              to be honest when your playing a big map like origins that involves alot of team work and communication you kind of need a mic, unless you aret planning on getting that far but if you are wanting to take the game seriously, get the easter egg out the way and get to a respectable round then all players have to be comminicating. No offence dont take this personnaly but when people plug in there mics and dont speak i think that is just rude, tricking legit player into thinking you are gonna talk when really you have no intention, it may be good for you but what about the other players and the chances are there gonna get annoyed and back out. This is why a mic only preference would benefit all players, so players like yourself who dont like talking can play in games woth other players with the same preference, and players like myself who like to take the game seriously and communicate can find other people who are also willing to communicate.

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              Set yourself the expectation that things will go wrong, you will fail when playing online with randoms. Mic or no mic.

              That way you won't be disappointed with the outcome. That will allow you to have more fun.


              Alot of ppl with mic, go rogue anyway. They are their own Rambo and feel that they need to break formation and usually go down. Which in turn cause the other three to provide covering fire so the Rambo can be revived.


              Then, there are the ones that feel they need to part their own self righteous demands on the team. So having a mic is not that great, but it does help with game planning.


              Best to play with ppl on your friends list.

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                  I normally play with freinds but say worst case scenario none of them are on or you dont have any freinds who play black ops 2 your ony option is to play solo or play with randoms. Now of you want to play a team game you have to play with randoms, whether your expectations are high or low having a mic will still give that bit more re-assurance as you can discuss things before the game and know what everyone is doing. Like i said it is not everyones cup of tea but a mic only preference is something that all players will benifit from, with or without a mic. I have acheived at least round 70 on every map and that is all thanks to playing with good legit players and good communication, i have never made it past round 30 on any map apart from town with people who have no mics, they have either went down and back out or just dont know what they are doing and it is impossible to tell them what to do is they cant communicate with them, so you see my point now.

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                      got the nail on the head. 100% agreed.


                      Mic or no Mic, players like to have fun and they play the way they like it, and you know what... there is nothing you can do about it because that quit button is just a tap away and easy to reach. I personally love long games but not always can i get a team together to play how "i" want to play, and as they say there is no "i" in team. People have lives... no one is going to play to round 70 every day or every time you feel like doing so, and certainly hard to find in a public lobby actually close to 0.01% you will find a player to go for 70 first time you meet them hell even 50 is a long shot. I am sure you know this, all games that i played to 50+ with a team, it was planned, strategy was worked out before starting the game so was the day and time of the game and who was going to be on the team.


                      I also agree with you to have a mic or no mic option but it is not going to change much, you will still need team players to make a team game with or without mic.

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                    Yesterday I got to round 40 on origins in a no mic lobby and round 27 in a mic lobby, no amount of communication can replace skill.... With that said I agree, there should a search for mic only lobby's.

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                      The worst is when you ready up in a no mic lobby thinking... cool... silence!  Then the game starts and the other 3 plug in their mics and wham... you're in a game with three loud squeaky 8 year olds.... ohhhh the HORROR!  Thank heavens for the MUTE button!


                      I prefer a game with mics too so I can confirm everyone is an adult and agrees to no cheating.... but I've learned that even  a lobby of people with mics who all promise not to quit  doesn't mean squat.  80% of the time they have all quit before round 15.