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    Clan Recruitment!! Join Us??

                 Hey Girls & Guys!!   

      We're SierraTangoLima & we are looking for more PS3 & PS4 players to join our clan on CoD Ghosts! Although if anyone shows interest, we may even recruit for Xbox 360 & Xbox One!!

      We'd like you to at least be active during clan wars, if possible.. Obviously we understand about work and/or school.

      If you are interested in being a Xbox leader for the clan, please message us.


      We just came in 3rd in our previous clan war (silver) with 253cp. 10cp behind 2nd.


                          Clan Information:             

                                    - Gold Clan Tag: [STL]

                                    - Level 14 Clan

                                    - Clan K/D: 1:00

                                    - 45% Win

                                    - Clan Wars: Silver (we're hoping to make Gold)

                                    - 36 Clan Members

                                    - We are an International Clan!!

                                    - Our clan is made up of BOTH male and female players.

                                    - We don't care about K/D

                                    - We'd like you to be Friendly & Respectful

                                    - We'd like you to Stay Loyal to the Clan & NOT mess us about



                   EVERYONE IS WELCOME!!   




      To join the clan either; add Jodes18 or fail-cheeseface on PS3 --- gamekoi or Whatt-Thee-F__K; with a message saying you want to join or apply via the Ghosts App..


      ***Please make sure you have a Call of Duty account. This can be created in the

      CoD Ghosts game, online or through the app. THIS IS NOT AN ELITE ACCOUNT.

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