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    CoD vs Hackers?? If they dont wanna do something about hackers then they can keep there game its just a waste of money..

      In my personal opinion unless Activison and TreyArch start monitoring these games and not just Ghost but monitoring MW2 and the rest of the CoD franchise that still have active servers, making any new CoD games or DLC should be the last thing on their mind they need to take a backseat to production and find a productive way to beat the hackers. I know that im tired of spending my money on there products and buying there map packs to play on maps idk just to be killed by someone who is invisiable before i purchase any future Call of Duty products i wanna see a little effort made towards patching these glitches and banning these hackers playstations i always see people who post list of hackers gamertags and report them and i bet none of them or ever banned or contacted maybe i wouldnt be so angry if there was a space on my CoD game cases when i bought them that clearly said ' I have a 100% chance of a hacker and modder destroying this game'.

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