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    what's going on?

      When I click find match this pops up:


      PEW PEW

      All The Guns



      Set Up Us The Bomb



      Tags or it didn't Happen

      Bro, do u even cap?

      New **** (in yellow - drop zone in reality)

      Wolfpack of 1

      Tic tac fo'



      Is my account hacked or is this a problem with the servers? I need to know before I play on my account again so I don't get banned. All the standard modes were renamed as you can see. I can screen cap if you want. HC and clans still have the normal game mode names. Please help guys?

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          Re: what's going on?

          Same thing here.  My nephew just got a playlist update and when he went to find a match he had the same thing with the screwed up names happen.  I told him not to even play because I was afraid of him getting hacked or banned or something.  Someone needs to straighten this mess out.

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            Re: what's going on?

            Hey guys, I know it's pretty late to answer now but uh, that was the name changes for April Fool's Day.
            Thought I would answer anyway in case somebody comes looking in the future if they do a similar thing.

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              Re: what's going on?

              Hey there! Yeah and I totally agree with IAmJacksImage. It's somewhat an update from Infinity Ward on the said date just to well, make fun of the names of the game modes. Other's thought the game was hacked lol, but, it's normal and I really found the names amusing.

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