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    Banned from MW2-Multyplayer

      A Month ago i played MW2 on my PC.

      Somehow I got on a haker Server where i suddenly were level 70 and had ll archeivments and Weapons unlocked.

      I did not report this earlier because it was nice to have got all weapons and archievments even if they were cheated in by somebody.

      Dont get me wrong now, i hate cheaters! But what would you do if you are trying thee best leveling up and suddenly have got all weapons? Right you would keep them. So one Week later i wanted to play MW2 Multyplayer again startet TDM and suddenly got kicked with the notice:

      "Cheat detected!"

      I know now that i should have reportet it earlier but i wanna play the game again :-(

      Please dear Infinity Wards reset my account so i can play again. I dont even care if i have got NO Weapons after that anymore but please please please resett me and unlock me.


      Thanks superht