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        40. Re: Whats it mean (to you) to be Good at Ghost.

        Hey, good luck to CTFI and I wish you guys win this clan war.

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          41. Re: Whats it mean (to you) to be Good at Ghost.

          So far we are in 1st.  We picked up 6 nodes on the first night but it's a long way from over.  When I checked this morning we had about a 60 cp lead over 2nd place but they are a European clan.  So we are going to have to get a good 200 cp lead to keep them from being able to swoop us.

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            42. Re: Whats it mean (to you) to be Good at Ghost.

            Another Euro clan. I hope they will play just like the last 2nd place clan we faced two weeks ago.


            I hope my schedule gets better soon. By the looks of it it should be around middle of June. I have many things lined up and I hope there will be a spot for me in the clan. For now, with the busy schedule I have, I will spend whatever free time I have with my family. I would be on the PS4 by then.

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              43. Re: Whats it mean (to you) to be Good at Ghost.

              Its got to be map and battle awareness which are equally and the most important quality.


              I have come across players with crazy twitch and gun skills yet by the end of the match still do not peform well.


              But i have also come across players with quite poor gunskill who can still dominate and win games. The difference is that this player utilized their battle awareness and environment to win gunfights and important strategic positions.


              I agree with most of the other posts here and we are all quite similar but what i have really been paying attention to in this 'episode' of COD is metagame. Actually i think this has been my strongest attribute in Ghosts and has pushed me beyond the convention - which is exactly what metagame is - breaking convention.


              We all know or are familiar with certain playstyles or how players behave/react to situations. I actually haven't found that much variety over the years. For example a player who was just been spotted but caught short and moves behind a wall. There are a few different scenarios here. You run after them 'they are looking for a safe place' or you will catch them unaware. Or you think they could be waiting for you to come around the corner, you must turn that corner in an unexpected fashion. Or you expect them to pop out from behind the wall so you wait ads from your position. Or recently they do what has probably been picked up from competitive, they are doing a quick dummy behind the wall then surprise jump back out.

              Reading a player, knowing the conventions and playing a move completely unexpected and unconventional gets some funny reactions from players and sometimes messes with their heads, which i love lol.

              So for example if there is a hot-shot who likes to dummy then surprise jump, he expects me to be surprised and importantly in the location where he last saw me. So where am i ? I could do the simple thing of lie prone, that can be effective enough or i can decide to hide if the environment allows me which will leave him completely dumbfounded then pop out or move to a completely awkward angle (think of the analog sticks) to where he expects me to be. Its then an easy kill.


              This above is bit of a basic and longwinded example but there is plenty of space in Ghosts to play all sorts of games with people and i love it

              In fact i have opening moves on some maps that i don't think have failed yet to give me a 5+ killstreak because they don't like to be caught there and so early, run back that way because its still the quickest route and they are angry as hell, but im not there ! lol, im eventually BEHIND THEM muahahaha. And as i move to this unexpected position, i know the previous position is safe so i can move to this new (usually unsafe) position and pick up a kill on the way as there is usually somebody in this power spot just before i get behind the others. And oh yea lol, i just remembered, if i survive that, i push forward and there is a high and blindspot on a staircase which again is completely unexpected since they are running to position 2. They then expect a player to camp in this infamous room above the staircase for easy kills.. but IM NOT THEREEE lol. Im ranging you from across the street as you walk into teh room.


              Helo pilot, thank you very much. Clan leaves. Our team celebrates in the streets firing our weapons into the night ! Yes !




              And i know some people are reading this and thinking 'pssh he could never do that to me' - point is with metagame, it doesn't matter how good the player is, it is outright advantage. Just don't be trumped by the guy who sees all that happening and is like 'meh screw walking into that, ima sit here by my spawn point with this thermal and wait for him to come' . That is why i have always maintained that teh noobs can be mightier than teh pros.

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                44. Re: Whats it mean (to you) to be Good at Ghost.

                No worries about your spot in the clan.  I'm sure that we'll have room for one more.  Once you get used to the sunlight effects on the PS4, you'll really like it.

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                  45. Re: Whats it mean (to you) to be Good at Ghost.

                  Did I forget to mention that one thing that makes a player good:


                  4- Game mastering, knowing how to play and WIN?


                  The proliferation of whines is indicative of a players quality towards a game style.

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                    46. Re: Whats it mean (to you) to be Good at Ghost.

                    sry, but didn't read all comments here posted, so not sure if i come up with points already mentioned, but as this thread has awaken my interest want to give mine a go too :_)


                    my first and most important is intelligence...and i don't want to say this to distinguish myself better by this, but believe that it's an important factor to fit-in well into anything, also into ghosts...see this as the ground, the base, where things like here mentioned before grow on and believe a well mind brings most things mentioned here with it from alone all by itself, more or less processing automatically...things like anticipation, map-knowledge, choice of set-up & playing-style, adaption, etc...


                    second, as one mentioned here before, definitely instinct(!) and reflexes, which i think are important in addition to my first point and as i believe without these you can be (refer to point one) the einstein in mathematics, but like forrest gump on wargrounds^^


                    last, but not least, believe to perfect the above points it needs self-control! i mean, to keep cool and calm in every situation, not losing your head, be it by getting annoyed by campers, noob tubers, provocative enemies or simply having a bad day...(something i know well about, as i often lack this^^ and what doesn't helps me then to keep up the good game once i lost my head, because of anger^^ but don't get me wrong, nevertheless respect all of these and most times handle them well...also thankful for this kind of competition :_) a cool head (with fulfilling first two points) finds a way also through these annoying stuff...


                    luck is surely a factor too, believe truly in it, but also believe that with fulfilling these three points, you can reduce needed luck to a minimum :_)


                    so, these are my points and excuse my bad english please...hard to express my feelings in this language, but hope people do nevertheless understand what i mean :_) thx

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                      47. Re: Whats it mean (to you) to be Good at Ghost.

                      p.s. had to give a top rating (not only, but a must also) for the miyamoto musashi quote

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                        48. Re: Whats it mean (to you) to be Good at Ghost.

                        I too agree with most replies , but yet I think I'm the only one who thinks Killstreaks and what to choose is a must?,

                        Killstreaks can wipe out intelligence , self control ,and instinct in a matter a few minutes . Surely players have been involved in a secure victory , then an enemy calls in the 1st of 3 rewards next you have chopper gunners uav , support streaks come into play , to deal with and the game turns. I have been apart of it,and against it many, many times and not one player could shoot/destroy the killstreak reward thus boosting morale/losing morale.


                        It's a matter of opinion and I DO understand this , but CoD could be the only game to reward you with a flurry of kills or playing the objective


                        All aimed towards Public Matches not Clan, Comps ,or any mode that doesn't accept killstreaks ,

                        And yes it's a good viewing topic I agree. 

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                          49. Re: Whats it mean (to you) to be Good at Ghost.

                          I think the OP list and most of the other lists on here are really good, so I won't repost the same things that it looks like most people agree upon.


                          To me a #1 or close "skill" is attitude. If you don't have a good attitude and mindset odds are you aren't going to be having much fun and either are your teammates or the other guys. Even if you have good stats if you get hit by a camper, panic knifed, [insert pet peeve here] and dashboard, throw your controller through a window or start yelling at people, you aren't good.


                          I'm not very good stats wise but I keep a good attitude win or lose. I never yell or b!tch at people and I have fun. If I sense my attitude is slipping it is time to switch over to Netflix for a bit. I think by keeping a good attitude especially in a crap match I pay attention and am more willing to adapt, change loadouts, tactics and generally improve.

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