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    Looking for a couple players to fill a four man team on Xbox One

         I'm looking to start a little group that would maybe start doing GBs and other tournaments. I play with one other person daily, and we're not half bad to be honest. We just need one or two people to play with to form a solid team.
         We both live in Louisiana, if you're wondering.

         We both have a KD over 1; mine is 1.98, my buddy's is 1.1.

         My WL is a 0.73, mainly because I play a lot of tdm and ffa, and I quit a lot because of real life responsibilities. My buddy has over 1 WL, simply because he only plays when I'm playing, and we win a lot when we party together.

         We're both 20, so we're looking for someone that is no younger than 18.

         We both play on Xbox One.

         If you want to play sometime, send me a message on XBL. I'm seriously looking for other people who are also serious about playing. If you like to just mess around, or for example, scream stupid nonsense at the last guy alive in SnD, maybe this isn't for you. But anyways, my gamertag is xXBeLEExX. I look forward to playing with some of you!