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    Predator Details.

      I was watching IGN's "Devastation Day" DLC promotion -- they are playing the new DLC before it actually drops.


      They gave details on the Predator streak:


      -  It's a FIELD order.  One of TWO field orders for the map Ruin.  The first one is the "environment" field order, the Volcano strike.


      -  It has less health than the Michael Myers field order.  They said you must be more stealthy and can't run around all willy nilly like the Michael Myers one.


      - It has its own music that plays when someone is the Predator so you know when he is around.  You can also hear his "clicking" sounds.


      - If you  stand still for a certain amount of time, you become cloaked (invisible).  When you move again, you are visible.


      -  Features his heat vision and lock on targeting shoulder rocket.


      - Claws for melee.


      -  Cannot be seen by the Oracle.


      Looks epic.