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    Clan Being Entirely Rethought

      Hello, this is the proud leader of the clan that is known as GunPowderGaming [GPG] for now.The addition of the "for now" part is due to the fact that I will be rethinking the clan entirely.


      Until 7 pm tonight the clan will still be recruiting under the name GunPowderGaming.At 7 pm I will put a new recruitment post up using the new name.


      When I rename the clan I want some creative advisement and assistance from the members of this forum.I will post this on Clan Recruitment and Clan Discussion as it is half advertisement or the clan and half discussion about the clan.


      I want you guys to comment a suggestion for a new clan name, along with a clan tag to go with that name.Whoever wins will be invited to the clan and immediately replace a soon-to-be demoted Lt. Commander.


      I thank you all for your help and participation as the name kind of makes the clan and I am not the best in the creative department.


      Commander of GunPowderGaming [GPG]