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    hackers and modders!!..

      I have been playing call of duty black ops for a around a month now and the whole game seems to be took over by modders and hackers I would appreciate it if maybe you would take this into consideration and !ayne do an update to get rid of all the modders and hacks in the file share

      kind regards Nathan

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          Re: hackers and modders!!..

          I,ve seeing that too, but for my first time, today.

          I was just playing CoD: Black Ops normally and then there just run invisible players killing people.

          There is only their gamertags when pointing on them, but they are not there. Just there, killing people.

          I know one guy, on Xbox 360, named MR NARCOTICS 74.

          And then there's also that unlimited Mortar bomb hack.

          I usually see it Cracked but now it's going on everywhere.

          I just hate these guys.

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              Re: hackers and modders!!..

              I know its rediculas and they aren't doing anything about it, yeah thers the new call of duty's out but still some people like to go and play the older ones now and then so the need to stars doing something about it

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              Re: hackers and modders!!..

              I experienced 5 hackers in the last 7 days. The latest hacker used an invisibility hack and when I reported him and messaged him, he just mocked me. Infinity Ward needs to start taking action against people like this! It is very frustrating and the fact he was able to play game after game while hacking was terrible! Me and about 3/4 others reported this person and nothing was done! The persons gamer tag was: VM x Madness v2 . If you see this guy in a game, whether he hacks the game you are playing or not, report him. I will post any other names of hackers I find. Let's get all hackers kicked from all Call of Duty games!

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                Re: hackers and modders!!..

                I have been playing a lot of black ops 1 and everyone is using god mod why can't you update the game there is also a lot of people invisable it's ridiculous I can't play without people cheating please fix this I been a console user for over 7 years

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