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    SMG buff. . . I'm done.

      Before I start, no, this isn't a thread about me whining because I keep getting beat, this isn't a thread of me whining because they are not catering to my personal needs.


      When I heard about the upcoming SMG buff, I instantly thought "That's it, the final nail in the coffin that is CoD ghosts for me" because it clearly shows how IW are more concerned about trying to keep the complainers happy then they are with trying to make a balanced game for all.


      Last weekend I jumped on CoD for the first time in about a month or so. I really don't enjoy this CoD but really wanted to play a call of duty and don't have a 360 any more. And the amount of times I was out gunned at long range by SMG's, even the cbj before I could pull up the scope on a sniper was insane. Now I probably had some lag but as far as I'm concerned that should not happen, at least not that easily. . . Especially with all the people complaining about how snipers are OP/un-fair which lead to sniper nerfs making them pretty un-viable at any range in comparison to other guns. In my opinion this is just completely contradictive and un-acceptable, If an SMG can be viable at long range, even without the added 2 muzzle brakes that driftor states the buff will equate to. Then it should be fair for a sniper to kill at close range viably enough, It is completely un-fair that the community thinks and the dev's play along with the idea that one thing shouldn't be allowed to do something, but another thing is allowed to be able to the same thing but in reverse.


      IMO it just outlines how broken the system is and to be honest I don't want to play a game that is quite happy to cater to certain player bases with OP buff's on weapons that don't need them, yet alienate others with un-necessary nerfs. When the game launched, I thought the weapons were balanced pretty well, I felt the TTK was way too fast in general, but I felt like every weapon type was pretty balanced with each other, at least enough for it to be a bigger priority to fix the general problems such as spawns and whatnot.


      I wasn't impressed when ghosts came out, but I gave it a chance, I gave the dev's a chance thinking "It's a new game, it was always going to need some tweaks", but every patch so far has been so far gone in making the game better, every patch so far has given me the impression that all they have thought about is their pocket lining. When will these big companies realise that a good game will always sell and be better than a game that has been clearly made with dollar signs in their eyes.


      I'm not a butthurt noob who keeps getting beat, crying that my K/D went down. I just want to play a CoD that feels like a great, fun, competitive CoD to play, everything that makes CoD the franchise it is. But now I feel like I'm playing a CoD made to. . . well in all honesty I'm not sure what they are trying to do with this CoD, seems like they are trying to kill it off, I'm hoping the fail of Ghosts has something to do with 2014's CoD being something real special. But TBH unless activsion pull their heads out of the bank account and make a game they actually would want to play CoD is dead.

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          1. Re: SMG buff. . . I'm done.

          I'm not going to call you a noob or doubt your abilities, just adding my opinion.


          All guns can beat each other from time to time.  However, if a player are frequently losing to the CBJ, at range, with the player holding basically any other gun, then they are doing something wrong.


          Secondily, I've seen the driftor video but at work so can't rewatch now (youtube blocked), but from memory the CBJ is to have a 35% max damage range increase and a 65% min damage range increase.


          To put that into numbers, it's max damage range will be buffed to a pathetic 12m, it's min damage range to a less than impressive 25m.  Whilst the percentage looks high, when the starting numbers are as low as they are for that gun (and the other SMGs getting buffed), it won't make a massive impact.


          It's noticable that the 2 key SMGs I see (MTAR X and Ripper) are not being buffed.  The ones getting bigger buffs are the ones rarely used as, to be honest, they're are better option.


          So, for me this is fine.  The buffs at 35% / 65% etc sound impressive, but when you actually do the math you see they are actually very modest.

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            I agree with admunday…I'd also like to state that I've been no-scoped and quick scoped at almost point blank range by snipers way to many times…So where most people wouldn't recommend using a sniper for CQC..it still works where it shouldn't! So to see a CBJ pick me off at even Med. range ticks me off…but welcome to COD…it's not a realistic shooter…it is what it is! If your not having fun…move on!

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              3. Re: SMG buff. . . I'm done.

              The Ripper isn't being nerfed?!


              Wow that's disappointing - I've not really played since it was introduced as its really ruined the balance in HC.


              I was expecting them to nerf it after they had given all the Season Pass holders a little boost when the stand alone pack was released.  Could be the nail in the coffin for Ghosts for me tbh.


              I hate to say it, as I loved the game to start with - but I'm bored now.

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                4. Re: SMG buff. . . I'm done.

                Well it's a kindof 'Net' nerf to those 2 SMGs, in that the other SMGs are now more competitive compared to them.


                The Ripper in AR mode is already the worse AR in the game.


                Funnily enough, I stopped running the ripper in HC, just found MTAR to be better in that mode.  I still use it in core though.

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                  5. Re: SMG buff. . . I'm done.

                  Its not the AR mode that I have a problem with, its the fire rate and serious lack of recoil on the SMG mode that annoys me.


                  Its stats in all areas are much better than all the guns in its class.  Not to mention the 'free' perks it comes with.

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                    6. Re: SMG buff. . . I'm done.

                    play hardcore i use a sniper with silencer and you will get a one shot kill from the other side of the map while someone with a smg will be like who just shot me, most times when i snipe i always carry a second primary normally the k7smg because i dont like to hang about and wait for someones revenge so i will snipe equip my smg move to a new location and set up another snipe shot, theres no point trying to relocate with a sniper rifle when you meet someone with a smg, i used to only snipe but now i snipe and run and it works well on maps like prisonbreak stonehaven and whiteout, use it to your advantage everyone knows how to use a smg but not everyone can use a sniper rifle properly unless they have put in the time and practice

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                      7. Re: SMG buff. . . I'm done.

                      Wars are fought with weapons, but won by men.


                      And do you have official word of this Buff?

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                        8. Re: SMG buff. . . I'm done.

                        ...... do you even play this game? Like, actually sat down & played it for long periods of time? I feel like you haven't.

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                          9. Re: SMG buff. . . I'm done.

                          "I bet you don't even lift" ....

                          . .



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