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    Most Satisfying Thing?

      IN a game, on any of the current 2 maps. Be it hardcore or regular. What is the MOST satisfying thing for you to accomplish? Some people just want to do all challenges. Other's want a platinum escape. With both of those 2, people often don't mind/care about going down. Maybe it's a specific challenge you are just most satisfied about doing (sniper on the final hive for instance on Nightfall)?

      Maybe you're really satisfied at seeing you had a decent/high score? Or that you had over a ceertain amount of kills? Or possibly, if you play with friends often, you are glad when/if you beat their kill count in the game.



      Personally, I just HATE having any downs in a game. My goal is to have NO downs. I will always try do challenges still and if I can, I will try repair a drill or revive someone (I usually have ashield on my back so reviving is easy. But if I am an Engineer and the drill is covered in scorpion gas clouds, I obviously wont repair it until they disappear).