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      Maybe Infinity ward could take a clue from Bunkie and design some better matchmaking.  You guys put people that can barely play up against veteran diamond division clan war winners.  Design something that is fair to the people that are just starting the game because it isn't fair to them.  I am tired of playing people that have a .15 k/d.


      Come up with something because this is the reason why I know so many people that have sworn they will never buy another call of duty game. !


          I am fine with how Ghosts is right now. I wouldn't mind party matching in the future. I hate that an entire team of randoms go against a clan. I play almost every game alone and get matched with a team of sub 1 kd players with at least one player below 0.6 k/d. I don't have any problems doing well. Occasionally I get some insane losses where I go off and have 10-15 kills more than the next guy and still lose, but I get over it. I'm more concerned with connection. My connection is decent, but I've had some annoying days as of late where I had to stop playing. Correcting lag is more important to me than better teammates.


            i play alone and yesterday we played against a full clan i joined the game mid way and they were winning and i managed to break even but our team lost, the next round was on stone haven and i noticed our whole team of randoms were in ghillie suits concealed cobra suits and carrying sniper rifles, even though we couldnt hear them because they were in a private party we beat them 75-22 i managed to go 26-5, the next map was octane and we hit the ground running and went 28-5 before the clan all quit and left 1 person playing on there team, when i started playing ghosts i was getting owned at every turn but when you get shot enough times youll soon learn to avoid getting shot, and as soon as your aim improves youll notice your kd improve and then you start to notice your finishing in the top 3 players, one of my favorite things in this game is seeing someone on a low rank getting the final killcam


              They tried skill based match making on BO2 and it made the game barely playable half of the time.