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    Frost is recruiting Australian players for BO II

      Hey guys and girls whats up! I am SL1k Kore from Flashpoint, and I am recruiting an XBOX 360 ALL AUSTRALIAN team for FPGN's BO II division, Frost. Flashpoint Gaming Network currently have over 130 members, which is awesome, but we need more Aussies! FPGN have an organised ranking system which encourages members to push themselves and help out to gain their respected rank! We also have pending sponsorships and donors which help us become bigger and better. We will have training sessions on a regular basis which lets us get to know you better as a player and as a person. We like to give our members variety, so we play both core and hardcore to satisfy people's likes. We will also play most, if not all, game modes on training sessions to boost up the variety side of things. We take in recreational players who just want to play for fun, and competitive players who want to smash the other team! We need more Aussies to join as we currently only have 2 Australians in FPGN. So if you would like to join, or are interested in joining, send me a friend request on Xbox Live (gt:SL1k Kore), and register on the website.


      REGISTER HERE: http://www.flashpointgaming.org/recruitment

      OUR WEBSITE: http://www.flashpointgaming.org/

      OUR FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/FlashPointGN

      OUR TWITTER: FlashPoint Gaming (FlashPointGN) on Twitter