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    Looking for Extinction players (xbox 360)

      Before we waste each others time meet the checklist


      1. Have a Mic it's 2014

      2. Attempt all challenges

      3. Buy a gun if needed for challenge (who cares if it's gold with rapid fire)

      4. Whatever your team booster is max that out first to +4 and drop itat least 2x a drill.

      5. Be willing to drop money

      6. Be a cool person (this is really should be .2)

      7. Don't act like you know it all

      8. Don't run engineer every game.

      9. Be willing to run ammo

      10. Don't wear REG Ammo in loadout (this screams I don't wanna do ammo |. Yes I know it's stacks but it sucks and you ever should run out of special ammo (armor piercing,explosive, incendiary) if you drop money b4 the hive starts)

      11. Be willing to have a portable turret in load out

      If you made it this far GT Skrilla69 Clan tag: mic