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    New Extinction prestiges and extras

      So what are everyone's thoughts for the most likely new prestiges arriving tonight/tomorrow?


      Hopefully Infinity Ward give more meaning to the new prestiges, add more relics and a LOT more challenges.


      For the prestiges it might be a good idea to add 10 ten then add 25 to leave extinction with a total of 50 prestiges or something around those lines for those of us who want to keep on working through ranks. Other great ideas would be for us to be rewarded for reaching max prestige for each time the prestiges are increased, aside from us just having more relic slots.


      All of these new ideas are what us as a community have been wanting for a while. Especially improvements to better spot the advanced/skilled players from the less advanced/skilled players and add more hardcore stats to the different types of leaderboards as I've noticed the hardcore leaderboards are very limited.


      I definitely want to see more relics, challenges and have the new prestiges mean something.


      Extinction has a lot of potential and I would like to see Infinity Ward expand on this as much as possible.

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          Re: New Extinction prestiges and extras

          i agree for new prestiges but they should be more difficult to get.

          i was prestige 5 when nightfall has been realesed. i reached max prestige(10) in about 3 or 4 days after....

          i'd like to have prestiges based on the number of escapes or wins or something like that.

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              Re: New Extinction prestiges and extras

              I agree. The prestiges are kind of unfulfilling. It's really just a number that you watch tick up as you play through the game, doesn't mean much as far as an accomplished feeling.


              @CodPro3 I want to see much more relics and challenges as well. I started a thread with lots of suggestions for relics and such a while ago. I can't believe they intend to do all of Extinction with only the same 5 relics. That would be weak sauce.

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                Re: New Extinction prestiges and extras

                Ranking up and prestiging in COD have always required you to simply play to rank up. Maybe it would be weird to suddenly change it halfway through DLC?


                I think your idea is pretty cool though - challenges to prestige.

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                Re: New Extinction prestiges and extras

                As much as it'd be cool to see a lot of this stuff. Doubt most of it, and what's in the DLC at this point is what we're getting. Don't be disappointed if something isn't there.

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                  Re: New Extinction prestiges and extras

                  Well what my friend and I guess from the trailers. there adding a lot more stuff to the extinction gameplay physics, they added difficulty as a patch before and so with new stuff coming in, it'll be good to redo those leaderboards again. also if they are adding this stuff, mayday might be a real tough map.


                  for example, speculation goes engineers can place riot shields onto the drill.

                  the strike package was a rocket launcher, so are they adding more to its loadout.

                  don't forget that black ops 2 did change the K/D ratio number in order to become knife and shotguns before, they also added the ray gun mark 2 usable in ALL maps. maybe this could be IW's equivalent :s ?

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