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    Why extinction sucks, just plain terrible!

      Seriously every game is identical, due to a lack of decent weapons, and you have very limited choice of weapons.

      On point of contact, 90% of people just buy the vector every game and the LMG in town and that is it the same for every game.

      The sniper rifles fking suck, the first shotgun is terrible, even at the start of the game it takes two shots to kill an alien and takes like ten minutes to reload. The grenade launcher is terrible, every shot just bounces off with no explosion unless you fire at something 400 yards away and even then you won't get a kill with it.


      The assault rifle at the start by the sentry gun, needs to be reloaded before you can fire it. And that place is where about ten aliens come straight away so by the time it has reloaded you are normally down, or can't kill them all in time.


      • The aliens are basically faster then us, so if you need to run away its basically not possible. They jump constantly around when your trying to stab them for no reason...
      • The drill glitches and it gets lost with a player holding it and he has to kill himself to get the drill to respawn. If this happens at the start you just have to quit because you can't kill yourself there.
      • The leader boards are beyond screwed and IW has no intention of ever fixing them, go look at the top of the list for escapes and stuff. About 1000 people have 2billion plus escapes. And then everyone else's stats are just wrong, I have missing escapes and my friends have extra escapes. And the sums don't add up.
      • When your in the lobby and you press right, this little screen showing your general stats takes what 3 days to update? And is constantly out of sync with the real stats you have.
      • It takes forever to find good team mates who are capable of reading and even doing the first challenge
      • Its full of noobs
      • Its full of french people
      • If you put all propane tanks on the hive at once and blow them up it removes almost no hive health, yet if you put them one at a time it goes down...
      • The vulture is almost pointless because it dies after about 1 minute..

      And I'm the final prestige with 65+ escapes so I'm not a noob, just played this enough to tell you its fling terrible. And the only reason I play it is because there is nothing else to play on the PS4 at the moment. But as soon as any relatively good game comes out I will snap the ghosts disc in half and chuck it in the bin where it belongs.


      Please get a imagination, admit and accept the fact you copied zombies and just make a good game dickheads. Zombies is ten million times better then this dog turd of a game. You basically have no quarms with blatantly copying the game idea, but then you don't want to copy things like the magic box and the ability to go round the map and open up specific sections. Or even have things like tele porters or whatever.


      All extinction is, is a poorly executed cheap ass chinese copy of zombies. Which I wouldn't even pay 5 bucks for on the app store.