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    Black Ops Server Error Discussion

      Now i would like to discuss this error with the community, when you have had the message for a long time it generally means your banned like me. Fair enough Treyarch you banned me, but i never understood why, a couple of years back i got into a hacked lobby got a kill and left, i didn't intend on joining a lobby and it didn't really affect me in any way, as i was already 15th prestige. Now before i start sounding like a little moaning kid, i would just like to say on the behalf of me any many others, why have we been punished for something we didn't do, i mean the bans are fine for the hosters, but i cant do anything about joining a hacked lobby. Anyway i'm 18 years old and i just want to play zombies with a few friends on my account, the games 3 years old, i believe you should un-ban people, i mean i have had this for over 2 years.



      It seems silly to ask, but its an old game, surely fun is your aim?


      Would be nice to see other peoples views on this below.