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        20. Re: "Improved matchmaking" & "equally skilled"

        clan wars is the lamest attempt to have some league play ever. black ops 2 has double the people playing it

        and ghosts is so lame the price has now dropped to 39.00  by the way black ops 2 is still 49.00

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          21. Re: "Improved matchmaking" & "equally skilled"

          Well I have to agree. I don't know who programmed their algorithms but they are way off.


          One of the clans we are up against has a 4.61 KD  our clan has a .84 KD   -  This is equally skilled??


          Also 4 out of the 8 clans should not have even been in the platinum division. I mean how can your clan be lvl 4 and earned entrance into the platinum division?


          Here is our roster my clan is at the top


          0.84 KD  clan lvl 17  win ratio 40%

          1.26 KD  clan lvl 14  win ration 61%

          0.93 KD  clan lvl 16  win ration 44%

          1.69 KD  clan lvl  4  win ration 76%

          4.61 KD  clan lvl  21  win ration 87%

          1.12 KD  clan lvl   2  win ration 39%

          0.55 KD  clan lvl   1  win ration  35%

          1.26 KD  clan lvl   2  win ration  56%



          Regardless - this clan roster line up is hardly evenly skilled. I see only one clan that that was appropriately skilled & matched up to us. This new matchmaking is for the birds.

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            22. Re: "Improved matchmaking" & "equally skilled"

            You do realise that any clan members who play against each other forfeit the win for that game. Also if there is no score posted during the game ie a capture or a kill the forfeit also doesn't work and doesn't count as a win. im speaking from experience

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              23. Re: "Improved matchmaking" & "equally skilled"

              Your not bracketed against clans of equal skill just clans in the same division. The match making update is for in game when finding an actual match it attempts to match you against players of similar stats ect

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                24. Re: "Improved matchmaking" & "equally skilled"

                Clan wars is a great concept but obviously greatly flawed.. Its by far the best clan vs clan competition we've had over black ops 2 and mw3. There's just not enough done towards hackers, cheaters and boosters and until they are dealt with properly, we just gotta suck it up.

                As for the war placement, ive been pissed about this from day one. Up until this last war, we've been stuck with unbeatable clans, scratched out a few top 3's but had no chance to win.. Finally, these last 2 wars, WE have been that dominate clan, but we've had competition.. IMO, Clans with 20 or less should NOT be in higher than gold division.. hopefully BH learns from all of this and makes the next COD competition much better.

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                  25. Re: "Improved matchmaking" & "equally skilled"

                  Agreed, the matchmaking is horrible, when you begin to look and research the other clans in your session and their individual as well as their team statistics are 2x ++ your own and your team...it's rather a large discouragement.

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                    26. Re: "Improved matchmaking" & "equally skilled"

                    Do explain why clans smaller then 20 shouldn't be higher then gold? Cuz to me that just sounds retarded. My clan has won every single war to date first place my clan has ranged from 20 to as low as 6 and the most competitive teams we have played have been 6-8 the higher we have been the easier the wars have been. So if your misplaced logic is bigger is harder then I doubt you fully understand these wars.


                    Now to address the bracketing of clans.

                    My clan has an 86% win record and a 1.86 k/d average. We have encountered clans ranging from 90% win record to 30% win and from 3.00 k/d average to 1.10 k/d average and a lot of times the most competitive clans are the statisticly weaker ones because they will leave their comfort zone and play any game mod and ignore their k/d and win records. Thus it is not exactly possible to think you can perfectly bracket teams. I personally have enjoyed the bracketing thus far even when we had tomwin our last war with 1min left exactly.

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                      27. Re: "Improved matchmaking" & "equally skilled"

                      AAlso as I clearly stated the improved match making is not for your bracket it is for in game match making.

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                        28. Re: "Improved matchmaking" & "equally skilled"

                        What bugs me is i get out at 130 at school. I come home, and get ready to play and these guys have 6 nodes. some nodes take 50 wins (TDM FOR e.x.) and some take 10 (Blitz, cranked) like seriously? they shud have this better organized, because that isnt fair for a clan to try and get that node the other clan just got. now theyre up by 100+ and everyone else has 0. takes away the fun from the game.

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                          29. Re: "Improved matchmaking" & "equally skilled"

                          Why are you crying? You after school have 12 hrs before they are going to be back online. So your argument is invalid. My self and my clan are full time workers and have kids but we still manage to win every war even when the other clans start before us. Organize and win its simple

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