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        30. Re: "Improved matchmaking" & "equally skilled"

        Incorrect. The improved matchmaking is directly related to the current clan war per the news feed in the app. It refers to all clans in your bracket being equally skilled & devoted. Not the case at all per our clans bracket & results so far for this clan war. Hopefully it gets better next war.

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          31. Re: "Improved matchmaking" & "equally skilled"

          the original statement never said their K/D or Win % would be the same... it states equal ranking... thus same division and possibly similar CW W/L Ratio. for example, my clan is going into their first clan war, with no CW wins or losses, we're paired against 2 clans with 1 win, and the rest have none, and all are in gold division. all other clans have 6 members the same as us.

          We capped all 8 nodes the first day, and have held them ever since, excepting a time on Friday when another clan took HCDom from us. Our K/D and Win % are completely different, but our clan war record is very much the same. Matchmaking in game takes your K/D and Win ratio into perspective when matching you with teams, and clan war divisions match you against clans of a similar clan war record. DO NOT misinterpret the meaning behind what they say.

          BTW, a clan can reach level 25 without ever participating in a clan war if they have active players who work together to grind the exp. and, even if you participated in a clan war, if your clan never placed first, your CW w/l is still 0%, and thus its completely possible to get matched against newbie clans. also, a level 1 clan can be placed in gold division and up based on their stats... i'm unsure as to whether this is win %, k/d or activity, or even something as small as average score per match.

          Anyways, this is my full understanding of the clan wars matchmaking system. if anyone else has extra data, feel free to respond. i have figured this from talking to other clan leaders in my division, and viewing opposing clans averages.

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            32. Re: "Improved matchmaking" & "equally skilled"

            You prove my point. You say your clan has easily dominated the war & only 1 clan held a node for a short time.  So the other 6 clans scored 0 cxp. How is that better matchmaking with equally skilled & equally devoted clans??  It's not. I'm in platinum with 12 members. 1st place clan has over 700 cxp, 2nd over 100, 3rd & 4th less than 100 and the other 4 clans have 0. They need to calibrate their formulas!!

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              33. Re: "Improved matchmaking" & "equally skilled"

              You have 12 members right? And all the other clans have 12 members right? So your complaining because some teams are better? Or because some teams actually lay out a game plan and rock it? Or your complaining because you think you should be give a free ride cuz I see an awful lot of y'all complaining that you deserve free rides.


              I personally am tired of seeing people who don't wanna put the time into a war complain about teams that grind it out and everyone should get a trophy mentality.

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                34. Re: "Improved matchmaking" & "equally skilled"

                This is not the right place I know but I don't know how to open a new topic " SORRY ". I have my own clan on level 5 with 7 members, but we have a problem. We don't know how to join clan war games, on COD APP we are 4th platinum division with 1 territory held + we have +30% in game xp DOM. Please tell me how to play on clan war with my clan, so we can unlock red mask, and everything. " WE ALL HAVE THE COD APPLICATION ON OUR MOBILE."

                Thank you in advance. 

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                  35. Re: "Improved matchmaking" & "equally skilled"

                  On the app select clan war and it shows all the active nodes clans and points. Now cap them.

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                    36. Re: "Improved matchmaking" & "equally skilled"

                    Slayer2291 said,


                    Do explain why clans smaller then 20 shouldn't be higher then gold? Cuz to me that just sounds retarded. My clan has won every single war to date first place my clan has ranged from 20 to as low as 6 and the most competitive teams we have played have been 6-8 the higher we have been the easier the wars have been. So if your misplaced logic is bigger is harder then I doubt you fully understand these wars."


                    Question. How is your clan supposedly winning all these clan wars, against other other clans that have "6-8" more people than you, when Beachhead gives ridiculously spoon-fed buckets to small clans, that fall in the following sizes,


                    3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13-14, 15-16, 17-18, 19-20


                    Reality is, you can't be beating any clans that have more than six people than you, the buckets don't allow it. And these brackets have been in place for at least a few clan wars. So you are kind of full of crap up there. You get other clans almost the exact same size as you. The only clans out there who can discuss playing against bigger groups, are the larger clans. Those who compete in the 30+ size clans, or even more so, clans larger than 55 people. That's not you. I do speak from experience. We have competed most of our clan wars in the 100 person division. Try playing other clans that have 40 more people online, then come back to me.

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                      37. Re: "Improved matchmaking" & "equally skilled"

                      Reality? Here is a dose of reality. Our first two wars were in the 40+ bracket and yet we still won.


                      I want you to try reading English for a moment just try it. The most competitive teams we have played have been the 6-8, the higher we have been the easier the wars have been. The 6-8 man bracket is more competitive then the 40+ bracket in my experience. Yet again all I see is a bunch of cry babies wanting free hand outs because their clan got cheated or is facing tuff competition.

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                        38. Re: "Improved matchmaking" & "equally skilled"

                        Look, not that it's any of my business, but what you really need is a dose of 'truth-telling'. I say that because you are now starting to get your stories mixed up. Confusing what you are saying. Just a few posts up, you made this claim......


                        "My clan has won every single war to date first place my clan has ranged from 20 to as low as 6 "

                        ....and with that claim, you said you often played clans with more than '6-8' people. Which is impossible. But now in your recent post, you are saying something completely different,

                        '"Our first two wars were in the 40+ bracket and yet we still won."

                        Just pointing that out. I would suggest getting your 'story' straight' before continuing on with this thread.

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                          39. Re: "Improved matchmaking" & "equally skilled"

                          I don't want or expect a free ride. You obviously have misunderstood my post and/or my intent. I'm merely stating what I believe to be an obvious fact. They need to do a better job with matchmaking for clan wars. Ideally all 8 clans would have a legitimate chance to win if they play smart & put in the time. Based on my experience this last clan war, after they stated they made it better, we had absolutely no chance to win as the lead clan was better organized, better skilled, etc.  They got the free ride as they should have been grouped with better clans. 4 of the 8 did not score at all. They should have been ranked lower. I wanted to see if others experienced similar issues. I enjoy playing the game with my clan mates & will continue regardless of clan wars or anything else.

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