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    Looking for descent players?

      I just started a new clan called Two Wise For You (YY4U). I started it because the members of my old clan play Black Ops 2 and they all are kinda bad lol. Im looking for people with a K/D around 1.5 or higher and a microphone is required because communication is KEY! If you want to join just send in a request and I will be constantly checking the app as I am the only member currently. Im hoping to have a clan full of active players so that we can rise to Diamond Division rapidly. Thanks Prosniper331101 (Matt)

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          Re: Looking for descent players?

          We're a Platinum level team, we won our last clan war and destroying this clan war. We currently have 35+ members and play a variety game types to suit everyone, K/D isn't a deal breaker as long you actually play during clan wars.
          If you're interested just send me a friend request or message to my xbox tag The Zombie EP
          So for all those seeking their first clan or looking to abandon ship from their inactive clan
          we're a group of vastly different people that come together to have a little fun
          So if you're in the market for a clan, and want to have fun while also winning then we're the clan for you

          Info about the clan:

          - Name: MLG Infidels

          - Clan Tag: MGi

          - Motto: WIN

          - Level 15 Clan

          - Clan K/D Ratio: 1.12

          - 10 Clan Members strong Xbox players

          - Everyone is welcome as long they able to be mature


          Commander: The Zombie EP (Me)


          - No K/D required

          - Be of any skill

          - Invite friends or anyone you know that would like to be in a Great Clan

          - Play with other Clan Members

          - Play whenever you want but still try and be active

          - Stay loyal and please don't leave

          - Be friendly to each other

          - Participate in Clan Wars

          - Highly Recommended that you own the Call of Duty App

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            Re: Looking for descent players?

            What game modes do you guys mostly play?

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