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    Extinction Needs Quit Ban...


      I've finished ONE game playing solo with 4 people left...  people quit out of extinction way too frequently. Even with the new DLC, I've tried 3 hours and people just quit out 5-10 minutes in.. and then everyone else follows. 24 hour quit ban for quitting 3 times in a 24 hour period would be nice.

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          LOL not going to happen. While I personally hate it when people quit out of games. You have to accept the fact that life happens. I have been in games where people quit and I have also quit out of games for various reasons. Ex. people start doing stupid stuff, arguing, people not upgrading the things they agreed to do, etc. I'm not going to continue a game that is terrible and people are just trolling. I have had people quit for various reasons and while frustrating, they can do whatever they want to with their game and time. I just put them on the avoid list and keep moving.

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              JSlayer211 wrote:


              I have been in games where people quit and I have also quit out of games for various reasons. Ex. people start doing stupid stuff, arguing, people not upgrading the things they agreed to do, etc. I'm not going to continue a game that is terrible and people are just trolling.

              This is a great example of why I will drop out of a game, if everyone is arguing or there is no teamwork going on or someone messes up on the simplest challenges. I will drop out if I do not think I can do well with the people in the lobby too.

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                 With connection timeouts and people's lives interfering with their gaming... I'd have to disagree with this recommendation unless it is changed in some way.


              Here's my reasoning:


                 I for one, have children/family along with my own business which are both far more important than any game I might be in at the moment. I do my best to play at times when I won't be interrupted, but there have been times when interruptions were unavoidable... not including the occasional internet issue, which also happens to everyone.

                  I had recently been in a game where the host had to leave for an emergency just before the final hive on Nightfall. Even though it was frustrating, it only reminded me that I was playing with real people that have to deal with the same issues of life that I do. It is after all... just a game.

                  I have also had strings of searches where I was thrust into a game that already started where players were either too inexperienced, can't/won't communicate or they did not meet my minimum requirements for character. (Examples: people who shoot during a melee challenge, people that don't speak my language, verbally abusive players, as well as blatantly racist players.) I don't think I should be penalized for trying to find a room that is worth my valuable down time.


                 One amendment that I would make to this idea would be to penalize people that exceed a certain percentage threshold for terminated games. ie: 15%-20% termination rate. This "might" minimize the trolling that we all hate so much. I could care less about my stats so I have no concerns about how "quitting out" affects my numbers.

                 I think the developers' time would be better spent on them fixing the search process by not throwing you into games that you haven't approved of through the lobby process, while also adding a search filter system so we can filter out player by statistcs (ie: 75% challenge completion rate or better) or by prestige level.

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                If you complain about people quitting, your the noob making people quit. I bet you don't even attempt to do the challenges do you, or you just plain suck. Anyone who complains about people quitting is the reason people quit.


                I have to quit 85% of games within the first 3 minutes because the ten million noobs on extinction can't even do the first challenge, so what hope do they have of completing it. Its so bad, I won't play with anyone unless they have at least 1 escape. If there is a rank one, I will quit instantly


                Think of it from my perspective I have good stats, and can escape almost every go as long as I have a half descent team, so every game it chucks me in with noobs is damaging to my stats and just an outright waste of my time. And alot of the time it throws me in games already started so I can't leave in the lobby I just have to quit in the game.


                Noobs on extinction ruin this game totally, at first I was patient and gave people chances, but its gone way beyond that now and anyone without at least 1 escape in my book is a mega noob who ruins the game for me. I wish they would just play solo till they either escape, or at least have a half decent rank.


                The noobs in hardcore drive me mad the most, they are like rank 3 and in hardcore with 6 kills, and in normal they couldn't even get past the first barrier hive yet they flood hardcore. Fking ROFL

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                    My initial anger stems from trying to play the Mayday map and before we even get off the boat, people start quitting that were sitting in the lobby for 5 minutes waiting for a 4th and also readied up themselves.. I mainly speak of troll quitters that do literally nothing but try to ruin the game. Those are the ones that deserve a quit ban from extinction. You can argue that "trolling" is still playing, but they are doing the opposite of playing by quitting out constantly.


                    And I have nothing to do with people quitting. I'm consistently top of the scoreboard, reviving players, completing every challenge, giving ammo/armor. But even with a bad team, I don't quit out because I'm not a Bitch.

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                    I wouldn't recommend it and would be completely disappointed in that as I usually quit several times. Mainly when it's a game already in progress, that in itself is utter nonsense. Other than that, I usually quit if people miss one of the challenges during the first barrier, simply because... If they can't handle the simple challenges at the beginning, they're not going to be able to handle that challenges later on.

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                      No one likes playing with noobs in extinction so yeah. I agree with

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                        Lost Planet 1 had a "quit ratio" percentage that was shown for all players in multiplayer lobbies.

                        Extinction could get something like that, so when you enter a lobby with 3 others, you could see it for each person.


                        If the people have a quit ratio of 50%-99%, you'd know to back out & not bother with that group.

                        Someone who's played &/or completed alot of matches with a quit ratio of 1%-10% would be good.


                        The ratio would have to not include disconnections due to connection issues & disc read errors though.

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                          I don't quit very much myself, only usually when the game starts too fast for me to leave in the lobby, or when I find out my "team" are not working as a team. Either way, quit bans will accomplish nothing, and will only annoy people.

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                              The only people it would annoy in Extinction are those who have a high quit ratio stat, because nobody will want to play with them. That's good, for maybe they'll actually decide to play through more often.


                              There will be less complaints from "veteran" Extinction players about wanting to avoid quitters.


                              So yes actually, quite a bit would be accomplished.

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                              Great post OP

                              i agree & MUCH more -lose teeth prestige & relics if i had my way

                              i have done mayday on me own as im fed up 2 the back teeth of retards leaving cos they cannot read,or others who leave cos they cant get the pick up they want.Not managed to complete a game on mayday with 4 players,sad or what !

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                                Some people have real life to deal with therefore needing to quit.


                                I also HATE it when people back out but I guess we'll have to deal with it.


                                Just try to find a lobby with solid players and there will be a higher chance of everyone staying throughout the whole match.

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                                  I like the idea of people getting punished for leaving their team mates hanging. however, i have more friends that just time out, and i invite them back into the match. they should not be punished. it would be difficult to differ the two. the only suggestion I can give it build good friendships and take your time in the lobby. Mics only and chat for a few minutes. Heck even ask if everyone has 45-1hr time to play. Very very rarely does someone just leave a match with me. Very rare. Take your time in the lobby.

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                                    Uhhhhh. Yeah. No thanks. I quit out of 3 games in 20 minutes when I'm playing with randoms.


                                    I'm not gonna sit there so some kid without a mic can screw up 65% of the challenges because he can't read or listen.

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                                      The only reasons I quit a game is if other players fail to attempt the challenges, most they are new to the game but surely they can read!!!! I think most of them do it on purpose. That's why I normally play with friends or if they are not online I play solo

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                                        Whilst it is frustrating I imagine the reasons people quit are quite legit and not just a simply hissy fit or attempt to save their K/D like in Multiplayer.


                                        It's most probable that people leave either because people aren't playing the game properly (going for challenges I expect is the main cause) or they have commitments/interruptions.


                                        Always exceptions to the rule but I don't think it's worth getting too bothered by.