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    Need A Clan To Join

      Hi.I am looking for a Cod ghosts clan I have a 1.1 kd and play whenever you want me to I am very active if u are looking for members and need me my gamertag is MaTriX MerK xbox 360  I also  play about 6-15 hours a day on ghosts so I'm very active I would prefer a decent clan level 10 or over so if you want me to join send me a message

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          Re: Need A Clan To Join

          Hello mate if you want to you can join my clan nearly lvl 15 and winning clan wars platinum div message me if you want a invite ForfeitBarrel91

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            Re: Need A Clan To Join

            We Fight As One, We Fight As A Family, We Fight For All Those Men and Women Busting There Butts To Keep Us Free and Safe. Fight To Live is a support clan to ALL military personal

            We are based on Xbox 360 and US but anyone is welcome to join. We are in Est. Time zone. We are trying to gain a few more members to help us in the clan wars. K/D don't matter we plan to have fun for the most part.

            I started this clan on COD 4 so yes we have been around for a while

            we need members who will not hope to a different clan right after they join we are small and trying to grow so we can do better in wars and work as a team to win.

            To join:

            Apply on the app, or you can message and add xLadyDragon86x or DrgonsKeeper88 on Xbox

            You Must have a MIC

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              Re: Need A Clan To Join

              Dark destroyer



              we are a level 13 clan looking for new clan members we have players over both xbox one and xbox 360.

              we have no criteria that you have to meet all we ask is you to have a mic and play a hard game. if you would like to join the clan either on xbox one or 360 send me a message and ill be sure to invite you or send application via app



              gamer tag Phoenix Storm11



              speak to some of you soon

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                Re: Need A Clan To Join

                We're a Platinum level team, we won our last clan war and destroying this clan war. We currently have 20+ members and play a variety game types to suit everyone, K/D isn't a deal breaker as long you actually play during clan wars.
                If you're interested just send me a friend request or message to my xbox tag Zombi3 Days
                So for all those seeking their first clan or looking to abandon ship from their inactive clan
                we're a group of vastly different people that come together to have a little fun
                So if you're in the market for a clan, and want to have fun while also winning then we're the clan for you

                Info about the clan:

                - Name: MLG Infidels

                - Clan Tag: MLi

                - Motto: Kill or be killed

                - Level 20 Clan

                - Clan K/D Ratio: 1.12

                - 20 Clan Members strong Xbox players

                - Everyone is welcome as long they able to be mature


                Commander: Zombi3 Days


                - No K/D required

                - Be of any skill

                - Invite friends or anyone you know that would like to be in a Great Clan

                - Play with other Clan Members

                - Play whenever you want but still try and be active

                - Stay loyal and please don't leave

                - Be friendly to each other

                - Participate in Clan Wars

                - Highly Recommended that you own the Call of Duty App

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