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    CTF removed

      Can we get this playlist back? There are a number of people that play that gametype solely and no longer have a reason to continue with this game.

      I saw that there was already a post on this but it was ignored. Maybe this time someone will care enough to notice? You would think on a day of a patch you people would have someone around answering questions. Seems the only support the game gets is to remove features people enjoy, but I guess you got the money so why should you care?

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          Re: CTF removed

          Maybe it's something to do with the update. They are still trying to re-store stats.

          Contact PCDev_Assist at twitter.

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            Re: CTF removed

            Although it's valid to try revive some of the less played playlists as hardpoint. This objective moshpit heavily punishes a lot of players that wish to play one or a few of the types specificly. Killing all four gametypes to recieve a larger activilty is outrageous even so if it was actully played all day. It simply doesn't appeal to sit in the queue evening time europe or for some even to sit through the gametypes they didn't wanna play in the first Place. I personally don't mind a mix, and would like to play it but not at this cost.

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