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    >>  SOUP RECRUITING  << (XBOX) (NO Try Outs)


      The Soup clan is perfect for those just looking for a team to play with. We play both Objective and Non Objective games. We play mainly COD Ghosts as well as a little bit of Black Ops ll and GTA 5 every now and then. We are always open to suggestions for new games to play. The Soup clan currently has 5 people and counting.



      We have very few requirements when joining Soup.  COD Ghosts is MANDATORY to join as well as you must have a working mic. Black Ops 2 and GTA 5 are not mandatory to join but are suggested as we do play them. Joining Soup does not require a name change. There is no try out required when joining Soup making it overall easy to join as well as worth your time. To request to join put your gamer tag in the comments below along with any game suggestions you may have.

      To Request To Join Put Your Gamer Tag In The Comments
      GT: CleanerEel114

      You Mess With The Best, You End Up Like The Rest ~#SOUP


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