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    Can someone tell me what's going on with DLC?

      People have been saying something about DLC being included in the regular rotation. What exactly is going on?

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          Re: Can someone tell me what's going on with DLC?

          When the first map pack came out (Onslaught), there was a playlist for DLC owners.  Yesterday, that playlist was taken off and the maps contained in the playlist is available on regular rotation (TDM, kill confimed etc.), although you will only be able to play those maps if you bought them.


          What I have an issue with is that xbox owners and PS owners got the same update, but xbox owners have the DLC 2 playlist (Devastation), while the PS owners don't have an DLC exclusive playlist for a month until we get DLC 2.  They should have kept DLC 1 playlist for PS and PC players.

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              Re: Can someone tell me what's going on with DLC?

              Basically you will not get to play the DLC maps again until they realise that nobody is buying them, then they will give them for massive discounts or for free like previous cods

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                  Re: Can someone tell me what's going on with DLC?

                  If you've had no trouble playing the DLC playlist, then folks have, in fact, purchased the maps.  Unless you've been seeing the same 30 names the entire time, rest assured that enough folks own the DLC to make it work in the regular rotation.


                  I'm sure several folks, like myself, bought the DLC and DIDN'T play the Onslaught playlist on a regular basis.  I don't see much point in limiting my game to 4 maps.  I'm actually happy that they're now in the normal playlists so I'll see them more often.


                  Some people enjoyed Nuketown 24/7....some people didn't.


                  There are many sides to any situation.  Sadly, we all tend to only see things from our own point of view.


                  From Activision's POV, adding the maps to the regular list will create inumerable parties where everyone is told that "so-and-so" doesn't have the map pack.  Peer pressure kicks in....so-and-so goes and buys the maps so his friends don't hate him!


                  Relax and enjoy the game.

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