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    Some questions for a new clan owner...

      1. Is there a way to use the call of duty app on my pc? My phone is the biggest piece of crap man has ever created...


      2. Can any one give me some tips on how to get some recruiting done for my clan? Do you have to invite people or can they just join on their own?


      Please help me asap!

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          If you have a windows 8 pc then you can run the app on it.  All of the functions may not work but it might work good enough for you.


          Growing your clan:


          Invites work.  Those that want to join you that haven't been invited can apply.  You'll have to go to the app and accept their application before they can join.  You can advertise in the clan recruitment section of the forum but the best method for recruiting is to play the game and invite those players that you think would be good members.  I recommend playing a couple of matches with them just to be sure.

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            No way for windows 7 to run it? I'm mainly just after getting my clan tag to go through and being able to set the motto and the other misc. stuff, My phone works well enough to use the application system I saw that. It's just my phone is extremely small so seeing and clicking the small boxes and stuff is difficult, also its only 3g (and selectively works) So Even when i managed to get to the clan tag and change it it still hasn't transferred to the actual game. Is that normal? Or does the app typically work into the game instantly? thanks for the advice already given though.

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                Tyylerr- you would not happen to have a tablet lying around would you? The mobile ap works great on the Ipad. There are other tablets out there that work well also, I just prefer the Ipad. Growing your clan can be  as hard as you want it to be or as easy as you want it to be. The biggest thing is to decide what kind of clan are you going to grow. Things like do you want: a strong clan to compete in clan wars or a casual-just have fun clan with friends or large clan across all game platforms, etc.- that is something that you need to decide. I have had small (3 members) to large across  all platforms. You can make a recruit thread on the Ghost clans forum- be sure to use the "recruitment side" of the forum. You can tell folks what you are looking for whether it be K/D, playing time, fun&casual,  regional only, etc. Be sure to go back every 24 hrs to "bump" your post or it will get buried in the forum position. To bump, just "reply" to your own post and it will jump back up to the top. As phxs stated, you may want to play a few games with the potential clan member, make sure their personality and game style is "for you"  and go from there. Building a clan can be very fun and you can make some great online friends so, good luck and have fun with your clan. On a final note, unless you just want to grow a HUGE clan, I woulf start withh a smaller group, get a strong core of gamers that will be ther with you and add slowley through friends of your core group or friends of your own. Nothing worse than a huge group that never plays together or participates in clan wars

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                thanks also very good advice, one more thing im struggling with, I can figure out where to enter my activation code that the microsoft team sent me after creation of my cod ghosts account any one know where that goes?

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                    Not sure about that- did you "reply" to the email? maybe that will take you to the page. You may want to send a "tweet" to ATVIAssist with that question- they monitor twitter continuously and will respond quickly to you through the twitter account. Twitter is easy to set up if you do not have an account and the ap is free. They are also of Facebook and respond to posts on their page- look for  " Activision Support"

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                    Hi there! I'm glad that the people here in this thread were able to help you out with your questions. I agree with all the posts here. I do hope you enjoy the feature of the Clan App for Ghosts. If you wish, you may just send invite blasts or inform your new members to recruit more for your clan. Good luck buddy when you join Clan Wars. Promise, it's a enjoyable experience to grow and have fun with your clan. Cheers!

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                      I can relater to you, mate.

                      However, the COD app has a phone compatibility but I believe it works on Windows 8 PC.

                      If you wish to recruit clan members, you can try it here:

                      GHOSTS CLAN RECRUITMENT

                      Hope that helps!