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      Hello, guys! My name is Daniel. My gamertag is x3VILCATx . I mostly play BO2, but, I also play Ghosts, BO1 and about to start playing MW3 again. I'm a very competitive/dedicated gamer who is recently getting into trickshotting and guess what? It is NOT fun doing it all by yourself. I would love to start a huge clan full of awesome, dedicated/competitive Trickshotters and players in general. Getting along with each other is always awesome too.



      I am gonna be doing the whole Youtube thing and record gameplay and funny/epic and WTF moments with the clan. So, that will be cool! Gonna be on Twitch as well!


      ALSO: We would need to find someone who is good at editing Cod videos.


      If you know any Trickshotters who would be interested in joining/starting a clan then please let them know as well. Thanks guys. Hope you are interested in joining.