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    Ball and Cup VS Ghosts, what to play

      Ball N cup Pros:

      • Good connection
      • Hours of fun
      • Cheap
      • Fully functional, requires no updates
      • The ball always spawns in the right place


      Ball N cup Cons:

      • Sometimes the ball misses the cup, but there is string on the ball so its ok!




      Ghost Pros:

      • the box looks kinda cool

      Ghost Cons:

      • Terrible connection
      • Maximum fun peaks at 15 seconds into a game, then nose dives into the floor for the remaining time
      • Very expensive (in fact I could buy ball n cups for at least 65 of my friends maybe more depending how much money I wish to burn on dlc, like clothes for my remote control dog, or patches which help people easily identify me as a spoilt child with more money then sense)
      • Rarely works as it should, requires weekly updates to fix basic errors a 6 year old would have identified
      • Sega mega drive game engine, recycled 13 times
      • Players often spawn literally bumming each other


      By my calculations ball and cup wins, thats how I'm going to be spending my weekend. See you there!