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      Is anyone else noticing a lot of lag recently. I will be playing a game and all of a sudden i come into a gunfight and i cant hit him. I look at the killcam and he cant hit me either. So is it just me and my lobbies or is everyone else getting the same problem. I was thinking the reason it may be so is that the cod servers are down because we havent seen this many people on playing at one time since the release of the game.

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          Its been absolutely horrible the past 3 days..Full clips 0 hit markers or a full clip and in the middle of a reload the guy falls over dead

          Last Edited: Apr 4, 2014 4:16 PM
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            Yeah, I feel like im playing COD 4 on PS3. Its atrocious.

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              Yeah, I've noticed me dying in one bullet, but dumping clips and getting nothing. Brutal since the update.

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                I've encountered this as well. I feel like it's a glitch or something that people are doing. Every time I run into this issue, it always seems to only be one or two people on the opposing team that I can't get any hitmarkers on.

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                  Same here, It is absolutely awful.  I played 7 games today and four of them were completely useless for at least a few minutes during each game.  I just had to camp and wait for it to fix itself, which sometimes it didn't.


                  NOT FUN. Let's get this fixed Devs.

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                    I was thinking the same thing. Definitely more lag for me than I ever had in the last week or so...

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                      ive been lagging all day I try to ask others are they lagging too they just completely ignore me. im really sick of it. like the other guy said about getting zero hit markers that's is what been happing to me also I will skip alot when im in a gun fight then I try knifing them and they still don't die? so please get this fixed asap and it happens most of the time with the new maps

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                        Glad I'm not the only one that is having this problem...but not glad that it's a problem

                        Last Edited: Apr 5, 2014 11:26 AM
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                          I was seeing this a lot last night.  Putting half a clip in someone's head (on my screen at least) and getting no hit markers only to have them turn and drop me.  It got so bad for me I quit and watched Netflix the rest of the night.  I just consider it normal at this point.  I don't think anyone is cheating or anything.  On their screen they probably legit killed me and I was probably firing 5 feet right of them or something.

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