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        10. Re: What to spend my teeth on?

        I Think 20 teeth for an extra skill point was too high ...I don't normally use a class so skill points are not that major for me but I was curious about the hypno a rhino and stowed riot shield

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          11. Re: What to spend my teeth on?

          That does seem to be the case - you can have as many active at once as possible. I currently have about 7.

          I have yet to try the flaming stowed shield. My plan is to get the Skill Point, then get that one, then.... I dunno haha.

          I'm not bothered about the hypno a rhino, or locker room key.

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            12. Re: What to spend my teeth on?

            I am not sure, but my thoughts would be: you'd have to have a riot shield in game, as you currently do on your back. Just, this time as you're being hit from the back, they get set on fire. I may buy that next and give it a shot though

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              13. Re: What to spend my teeth on?

              I had a hypnoed rhino before in Mayday and it did next to nothing. The extra skill point is really helpful though for running hardcore.

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                14. Re: What to spend my teeth on?

                Same here. The skill point looks like the best thing in the Armory.

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                  15. Re: What to spend my teeth on?

                  I Ended up doing hypno a rhino ....it definitely helps when your the only one up and u have a rhino chasing u and he stays around for a while ...I spent the others on the stun armor ,health regen and increase all attacks by 5% since I use a portable turret it's pretty useful ...I'm probably going to be saving the rest until mayday comes out for ps4 ...I don't think ill bother with a locket key considering whenever I get a locker key I just give it up Everytime and won't bother with the Ammo ones

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                    16. Re: What to spend my teeth on?

                    I would like to make something clear, so far i was able to test less seeker damage, sentries last longer and faster health regen. Running 5 relics could be a factor but i very much doubt it. seeker damage totally varies, just like it did before the update if u get hit from further away youll get hit less but if you get hit directly it can take up to 1/2 your health. Now sentries , i havent tested it without the upgrade so im not 100% sure but with the upgrade they last half the time they used to. They could have nerfed them with last update im still testing it. Not worthy by the way for any soloers out there or even people going for top 10, they might get no damage and they still will dissapear after one hive, makes the run really that much difficult.

                    out of 10 solo tries ive died about 6 times on second final hive because sentry guns decided its their time, and i dont even think 4 minutes theyre were out... faster health regen is no worth anything unless you play coop, solo basically you dont see any difference. I wanted to say that i think the upgrades come with defects, meaning u get better stuff but you sacrifice something else in return. I dont know anything about class upgrades but the upgrades i thought were reasonable, are not.

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                      17. Re: What to spend my teeth on?

                      62 teeth, really?

                      I honestly do not believe you in the slightest.

                      Let's pretend you are prestige 10.
                      ...That's 10 teeth, lets say you earned all your bonus pool, that gives you about 14. The pool doesn't replenish for roughly a week. You get 2 teeth for escaping with a noob and a relic active simultaneously.


                      So how the hell have you jumped from 14 to 62 in a couple of days or am I missing something here?


                      And has PS4 really got the armoury but not the map?

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                        18. Re: What to spend my teeth on?

                        I think the Flaming R.Shield truly does sound (and look) awesome!

                        I'm really interested in buying the Medic class upgrade but I shall await further reviews.


                        There's something that's been bugging me recently though and that's the Hyno Knife a Rhino upgrade in the armoury. Two things wrong, a) I have never found a knife in Mayday...do they exist? b) Why would you upgrade if theirs a free buildable that does the job?


                        ...I'm guessing my next question probably solves my two previous q's...Do teeth and Armoury upgrades carry over to POC and Nightfall?


                        If this is the case then surely you could spam teeth on those two earlier maps as there were waves of aliens between drill plants if I remember correctly. Suppose you'd still only get 1 extra per game

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                          19. Re: What to spend my teeth on?

                          So far I have bought the Sentry Armour upgrade and the Health regen upgrade.


                          I've heard a few saying the sentry armour upgrade does not do its job but in my opinion it does. I have noticed roughly 6 aliens climbing on my sentry before it is destroyed whereas previously it was about 4. Of course I always shoot them off soon after. They also seem to have a lot more defence against seekers and Seeder acid. Note: If anyone leaves there sentry unattended (or without nearby IMS/ Trap etc) then don't expect it to last more than 1 minute. I continuously defend my sentry when it is being attacked because if they are being climbed on they are of no help to anyone but with their assistance they can help the team massively. They also last a lot longer than vultures if defended.


                          The main reason I really got into using the Medic class was because of all the scorpions on Nightfall, whereas there's little benefit of the 'take no damage from gas clouds' whilst playing Mayday. However every time I switch to Weapon Specialist notice my teammates are being downed ALOT more. The Faster team regen is just too desirable!! I hope the randomers realise when I'm helping their health regen quicker hehe besides I've pulled back many games where everyone expected a game over then I sprint it about map and revive 3 downed players. It's for this reason that i thought it would be very fitting to purchase the health regen upgrade. I so far have only noticed a miniscule difference but that's what you would expect for an upgrade that only cost me 5/10 teeth. Any more advantage and it would be called OP

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