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        20. Re: What to spend my teeth on?

        im prestige 15 lvl 31 ....i average 4 teeth a game so its not that hard.....we have the armory but we cannot use the teeth on any of the class upgrades until mayday has been downloaded but everythign else you can sue. i made a thread on this forum on how teeth are earned check it out if you having a problem with earning teeth

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          21. Re: What to spend my teeth on?

          all maps allow you to earn teeth, since you get teeth for completeing the map (3 if you run a relic or more and another one for helping someone beat the map for the first time) the other teeth are earned from getting 500-1000 kills not sure what it is exactly and another tooth can be earned for prestiging ...im already back up to 8 teeth and really want to know more info about the stowed riot shield if it can be equipped even if you choose to go with portable sentry in the shield place

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            22. Re: What to spend my teeth on?

            I appreciate how you were calm and collected with my accusation and you responded well enough, but 62 teeth after two days? You must be purposely farming teeth using the methods you have mentioned previously. Do you hunt for noobs every game just for the bonus?


            With regards to your next post I don't think the Riot shield can be equipped if you use the portable sentry in it's place, what gives you that idea as a possibility? :s

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              23. Re: What to spend my teeth on?

              Im saving up for the medic upgrade. The tank upgrade is awesome but i  never use tank. Then eventually buy the hypno knife a rhino. That will be helpful for solo. Or whatever!

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                24. Re: What to spend my teeth on?

                what is your opinion? you judge someone playstyle based on what ? their opinion? you compare playing coop game using your sentries vs solo game using sentries. coop is a walk in the park compared to solo, and fyi i do watch both drill AND the sentries at the same time and before i addedd the upgrade my sentries would last roughly 2 hives, whereas now using the upgrade they last a lil more than one hive without taking damage... im talking about no damage at all.  and thats wearing 5 relics, this could be the con, its not proved but relics may actually ovverride the upgrades. i dont know we need fee more weeks before we get to know full potential of everyghing.

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                  25. Re: What to spend my teeth on?

                  So far I have Armor piercing, health regen, seeker protection, and extra skill point. I average 2-4 a game, 1 for beating it, 1 for relics, 1 for occasional noob finishing for 1st time, if you reach the "100's of cryptids" that game, and (not anymore, just hit 15th) prestiging in that game if you can.

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                    26. Re: What to spend my teeth on?

                    I was doing about one prestige every game and a half running 5 relics on point of contact and using a grenade turret so I was doing about 500 kills a game and everyone who plays poc seems to be a noon for some reason ...I think I get a lot more teeth per poc game than nightfall

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                      27. Re: What to spend my teeth on?

                      Fair enough. I realised that it's probably a lot easier running 5 relics and easier completion on POC every game. I yes I do agree there's still quite a lot of noobs on POC. Also I now see the reason in the Hypno knife a rhino upgrade because of the two previous map POC and Nightfall because I did realise theres not a single hypno knife on Mayday...Instead they have the trap

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                        28. Re: What to spend my teeth on?

                        there has to be a hypno knife somewhere on mayday i have seen people hypno a rhino in mayday. i do realise when i search boxes on nightfall i find about 3-4 hypno knives a game which is great for when everyone goes down and the rhino is up chasing me

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                          29. Re: What to spend my teeth on?

                          Most likely what you have seen, with people hypno'ing on Mayday, is what Bowey1988 already mentioned: Hypno Traps.

                          I have played about 40 games on Mayday so far, and me nor anyone else I have played with, have ever found a hypno knife.


                          I assume it's for the aforementioned reason (hypno trap). They most likely saw it as a simple case of "why add hypno knives and only hypno one thing, when they could use our NEW craft system, and hypno multiple things". Which to me makes perfect sense.

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