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    Xbox 360 freezing

      Why does my screen go black when I try to play multi player online. It started yesterday after I download that update. I have tried everything. No other game does this but cold ghost. Plze fix

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          Hmm.. That's bad. What particular steps have you tried out? Have you also tried other profiles? Also, have you tried out your disc on another console? Also, have you tried to check on your connection? Connectivity also contributes for black screens. Especially in online play.

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            My friend does have similar problem before  and what he did is clear Xbox system cache, then delete Title update for Ghosts and re-download it. It worked for him. You may try it too. By the way, if the same thing happened, you may test the game on a different Xbox 360 and see if the problem remains. If the game works on a different Xbox then there might be an issue with your console but if it does not work on other console then it may be a disc issue. Hope this help you.