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    And then there was lag!


           So back in November, CoD Ghosts ran great for me.  I remember being impressed at how well the game handled launch, and had high hopes for CoD for the first time in awhile.  When the calendar hit 2014, it was like a switch was hit and it went back to the same ole' CoD.  Did they start us out on dedicated servers, only to turn them off after Christmas?  A friend said he noticed the same thing as I did.  Did anyone else experience this specific issue?

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          Yeah it seems like since the latest patch the games just been a bit off. I've noticed more lag, it's been harder to find games, and it seems like it takes more bullets to kill enemies.

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            For me there has been an increase in lag. Not a lot, 2weeks ago was losing host connections but not too bad recently. It's hard to tell as most of the time a quick burst and they go down but now an again takes almost a whole clip is it my system, IW or a health hack ?

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              IT has always been bad for me, but the last few days, it has been the worst, if delay or not winning one on one battles, is what you are referring to.

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                Its the same on the PS4.

                I gave up trying to make sense of it, i can have a good run of games, solid hits, players dying when shot and then all of a sudden it can turn around to where i could'nt hit the floor if i fell on it, rounds go straight through players, no hitmarkers etc and this can happen mid game to.



                It happened again today, an hour of good solid games, a few lag spikes but nothing to bad, and then bang, two hours of abject misery where i might as well of being using a bubble gun.

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                  Yep, I've noticed lag or frame stuttering is pretty bad after the latest update on PS4. Hit detection real bad. It's like the opposing players have a lag switch or something. I play the game on XBOX ONE and PS4. PS4 lags a lot worse for some reason. Maybe due to the sharper graphics and the console can't handle or process graphics fast enough. It would be nice if we had an option to play on a lower graphics instead of 1080p.

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                    Yes me and my clan have all complained about it to,, I dont think it has anything to do with the server, Its a new hack that has been brought out, Check it out on youtube, Thats what i have done. You will find you lag more when the other team member is about to shoot you. And if you watch the other team and find one member just standing you can most probably say he is applying the hack. I have been in some games that you can shoot a full clip into them and not even get a hit. It is spoiling the game for people who enjoy playing without the hacking. The newest hack we have seen is you can not kill the enimies dog, Invisable dog lol, It is sad sad sad .