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    Would vehicles and large maps ruin or make COD?

      So I used to love COD, not so much these days but yea I still play it. I liked w@w and COD3 with the vehicles, its just plain funny to be honest and the vehicles in BF are what make it fun and funny IMO. sure jets might be overpowered and annoying but who can say getting a roadkill with a tank or a stealth jet fighter isn't funny?


      I know most of you complain the maps are too big, but i loved W@W with the big maps and the tanks were so fun. I personally would like to see this return, not every map needs vehicles or to be massive and if people were that bothered by it maybe they could be in separate play lists if needs be.


      SnD in particular in a big map works well I think. I think most of you guys here started playing after MW2 so maybe didn't get into COD3 or w@w but trust me it was funny.


      So should vehicles make a return or not??? Or if they did, would you think I might as well just get BF cause they have already perfected it?

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          Re: Would vehicles and large maps ruin or make COD?

          Yes. One of them has half done exactly that already. Using COD 3 as an example when it was a massive step down from COD 2, and quite possibly the worst game in the franchise's history isn't exactly a compelling argument.

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              Re: Would vehicles and large maps ruin or make COD?

              lOL there were serious problems with COD3, but it was the first cod i played and at the time i loved it. I don't think many of the problems with it stemmed from vehicles though or large maps. The things I encountered were the medic bug, where you could keep shooting a team mate into last stand and reviving him, then just keep repeating the process 50 times till he rage quits ahaha. The motorbikes were funny

              However W@W was good though hands down, very atmospheric, and the birth of zombies

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              Re: Would vehicles and large maps ruin or make COD?

              Tanks would be nice. The only people who don't want vehicles back would start comparing it to Battlefield. Ignoring the fact that COD had vehicles before. People who didn't play early COD insist COD is an arcade game. It only became arcade when the maps started shrinking and they took out the tanks.


              I would be happy if they just put World At War on dedicated servers. It's a great game as it is. Dedicated servers and updates would definitely bring people back to playing World At War. It's one of my favorites. But, again, people would whine about the large maps. Which really aren't that large if you allow 9v9, 12v12 or 18v18 matches. It would be possible if played over dedicated servers. And I doubt they would have to rebuild W@W from scratch, though it may require work to make it happen.


              My guess is, they will keep maps to small to medium size to shorten production time in the long run. The days of W@W type COD's are probably behind us for good. But, I would love to see more people playing W@W. It's my favorite COD to date.

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                Re: Would vehicles and large maps ruin or make COD?

                I personally loved the tanks in WaW. If they returned, it might be fun for some, but I guarantee it won't go over well with others. Two of my all time favorite maps are Outskirts and Seelow, especially in SnD. These were maps designed for tanks, yet in SnD they were left out.


                I think this is one of the reasons I'm glad Ghosts went big on some maps. And once again, maps like Stonehaven and Siege will most likely bring me good memories just as some of the maps in WaW still do.

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                    Re: Would vehicles and large maps ruin or make COD?

                    I think the reason vehicles did not go over so well in WaW had more to do with two things. First, a lack of vehicle volume. The most any map had was 4 - 2 for each team. With 12 man lobbies, that sounds like a lot but really it isn't. In BF you've generally got the equivalent of 6 tanks for a 24 player lobby. That's 1 vehicle per 4 players. As a result, you have less arguing over who gets to use the vehicles (I can't believe I just said that given how much I hate having to fight for vehicles in BF, but it is true).


                    But that takes me to the second reason vehicles are more appreciated in BF. The maps can support more vehicles. Not only are the maps significantly larger, the buildings destruct.


                    I think there are elements of both games that, if they could be combined, would make for one hell of a video game. But then we would have neither BF nor COD.

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                    Re: Would vehicles and large maps ruin or make COD?

                    The issue with tanks or other vehicles is this community's continued fascination with trolling.


                    Far too many people would get into the tank in WAW and just drive around like a dunderhead... on purpose. Personally would like to see COD use more of the KISS principle.

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                      Re: Would vehicles and large maps ruin or make COD?

                      Keep the focus primarily Gun on Gun. You make the maps too big, you have trouble finding an engagement. CoD has always been about fast action, not having to run 10 miles or ride a truck to get to the action.


                      You don't want to stray too far from what makes CoD so accessible and fun. Gun on Gun, with scorestreaks supplementing the action is quite enough, no need for vehicles.

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                        Re: Would vehicles and large maps ruin or make COD?

                        IMO ruin.

                        COD is predominantly close quarters FPS which should be fast paced and engaging.

                        Adding vehicle and even larger maps would basically make it a Titanfall or Battlefiled game.

                        This is what established COD as the gargantuan franchise it is today and if they stray too far off what made them big then they will lose the rest of their playerbase.

                        Look how Ghosts has turned out and that is just straying from the path a little bit...

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                          Re: Would vehicles and large maps ruin or make COD?

                          I say it will ruin COD.


                          You have to remember that the current fan base isn't like what it used to be. It has largely evolved into a RnG, instant gratification loving crowd. If you add vehicles and even bigger maps then the fan base will call it boring.

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                              Re: Would vehicles and large maps ruin or make COD?

                              You make a very good point.


                              Although it did not start out this way, COD is what COD is:


                              Small maps

                              No vehicles

                              Spawn in clusters



                              If one wants to jump around, play halo

                              If one wants to drive/shotgun in tanks, helos, jets and boats on large maps, play BF



                              A problem I see (not really a problem) is: Some people want to play Call of Duty (in title and franchise), but do not want to play how Call of Duty plays.


                              "I wish this apple tasted like a grape... I like grapes.  Then why not go eat a grape"

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