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    Ghosts thumbs up, what aspects are you enjoying ?


      With every new Cod comes innovation. Some we like, some we don't, and quite often the reasons are personal preferences. I believe that Ghosts has seen a lot of shake ups and innovation. It is only human nature that on the forums we tend to discuss aspects that are not working. The down side to this is that aspects of the game that we are enjoying are not given the credit they deserve.


      So, I thought I'd make a thread and ask peeps what you are enjoying in Ghosts. Very little in gaming is black or white, it may be that you see a great stepping stone of an innovation that you wish to be implemented differently.


      I could list all the positives I see, but that is not really the point of the thread. Let's try to keep it specific as possible. To get the ball rolling I'll start with:


      sliding/contextual lean: this did take me a while to get use to. I had reservations that maybe the contextual lean would be akin to head-glitching, giving the opponent a small chance of getting a shot on target. However, I do not think this is the case at all. I enjoy both the sliding and lean as they have changed up the movement of the game, and I see them both as positive additions.


      Over to you guys and gals...............what are your positives?

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          Some of the things for me is I like that they make changes with each installment I don't want the same game with a different title. I actually see a wider range of weapons being used. You don't see the same weapon everytime in the final killcam. I really like the implementation of streaks from different players complimenting each other.. Example waiting till 3 or 4 people have the sat com before dropping them for it to be more effective . I also like the field orders that gives everyone an opportunity for care packages regardless if using specialist support or assault streaks. Some of the patches are with a touch of humor as well. I'm using the bird pooping one right now "incoming" for the gryphon kills. The marksman class was a nice addition for me anyways, huge fan of the mk14. I don't find anything really op since there is a counter for everything . The squad mate does make me jealous at times that they are so much stronger than my own character with uncanny accuracy .

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            I like shooting enemies and jumping out of windows and blowing sh!t up.

            Ok seriously, I like the added incentives in the game, you now have Patches(admittedly similar in aspect to calling cards), uniform goals, headgear goals, head goals, more gun camos, choice of backgrounds e.t.c  so there is always something new to earn. This gives a more operations based feel to the game rather than the usual XP and prestige, which has a shelf life.

            And field goals are a great idea, but who came up with " humiliate the next enemy you kill" LMAO

            Lets also not forget the forum which is a constant source of entertainment and provides a fantastic cross section of the gaming community for better or worse but never boring.

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              I gotta give a big thumbs up for Squad Mode. A new way to vs bots. Gives an incentive to manage your whole squad.The implementation is very good. I also think that the bot difficulty and AI, compared to past installments, is excellent.

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                Big maps, Safeguard, sounds and perk system.

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                  I think Ghosts is average tbh but I think they hit it out the park with some features. They are:

                  1) New prestige system - less tedious to go up

                  2) Extinction - isn't trying to be something which it isn't I.e Zombies

                  3) Weapon balancing (ripper is the only guy that has unbalanced. It needs addressing)

                  4) Gryphon and Maniac - hate a lot but love these steaks

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                    I am glad you made this thread because as much as people love to rip IW a new one they need to commend them for the things they did right for future development ideas.


                    I like the thermal scope (don't judge me)

                    LMG's are legitimate weapons in this game

                    Singular perks

                    Snipers are pretty good


                    Lack of launchers

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                      I think Extinction has some serious potential. It's a lot like zombies, but there's an ultimate goal. I'm not sure we need gigantic monsters to defeat at the end (that's a little on the Mario Bros side of things, to me). Overall, Extinction has been a blast.


                      I agree that Squads was a big innovation. In fact, I'd say that was probably both the largest and best innovation. I think Squads allows players a place to go when traditional mp is just not hitting their fancy. I like it in conjunction with MP, but not as a replacement for MP.


                      I kind of like the way you can see what is left to be done for specific weapon challenges in the CAC menu. That's a big help instead of having to back out of one menu string and dive into another. How many more sliding kills do I need? Just look at the camo menu.


                      I think it was smart to have the challenges recycle for the sake of points, but a little work could be done in this area. Maybe have the challenge listed in a different font color upon complete completion. For example, once you get Marksman VIII  (or whatever the max challenge is) completed, instead of it being in white or yellow font, have it in red or something. But the big thing is that challenges recycle for points toward prestige. I'm not big on repeating the same challenges, but I know a lot of people don't care where their points come from so that's good for the community overall.


                      Although I don't like having to pay for ten CAC slots, I think the idea of having a different squad member for each prestige was a good idea. 10 squad members is 6 CACs during a match no matter how you slice it. Why? You can't switch squad members during the match. But it does make for a much larger ability for players to experiment with load outs. No more "Did I already try this?" With 10 characters and 10 CACs each ... you can duplicate the same load out a lot ... then tweak it one item at a time until you find the perfect combination. This was a darn good idea and I think doesn't need much more in the way of making it better (really, not charging for the 10 slots is the only improvement I can see).


                      I have been very critical of the challenge system overall for this title. A lot of that is frustration that's been pent up for a long time. BUT I will give IW this much credit ... at least it is obvious they acknowledge that a prestige system based strictly upon points is not working as intended. I think that was a pretty big "innovation" of sorts.


                      Finally, I'm going to give credit to bendotcom for this - Multi-player is a lot less predictable than it has been for years. Paying attention to every little thing happening during the match has not been as important as it is in this title for a long, long time. No single weapon class dominates the game. You can make the argument that one weapon class dominates a mode or even a map, but you cannot say that one weapon class dominates the entire game. As a result, dashing around the map, you have to always be wary of snipers, campers, other rushers, and more. All of them could be around the next corner ... or they can take you out across a map. You never know. We haven't had that in a while. I'd say Ghosts is better about this than was COD4. In COD4, almost every map or mode had a route you could take where you pretty much knew you were going to run into minimal resistance. In Ghosts? Forget it. You just can't be 100% confident of any route. That's a big change to the game, IMO.

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                        i like hardcore its well balanced, you can stick a silencer on your sniper rifle and get a one shot kill plus it takes away the kill cam so when your sniping the guy doesnt see where the shot came from, but the main thing for me is the character customization, i like making my character look and wear what i want him to and i like the challenges to unlock each uniform etc, squads is good way to warm up and sharpen the reflexes before going into mp mode

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                          Which reminds me ... I actually like that they took the map out of the menu prompt. That needed to be done a while back. It's a genuine hide and seek, combat-like game mode now.

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                            Like the balance particularly, the perk systems and how we can choose what we deem best and the connection! Which is king!

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                              I have to agree with liking Squads mode.  It's nice to be able to break away from the MP community and still be able to have a perceived MP experience (in the Find a game selection) because even though you are going up against a team of bots you are still "online" playing with 5 other "real" people.  Being able to create your own squad and develop each individual character is a nice touch as well.


                              I actually like the squad point idea.  Being the player I am it was a grind in past games for me to get a Thermal Scope for a Sniper Rifle only after you had reached level 65 when one of the main things that was causing me such pain in leveling up to that point were guys at level 66 shooting me with Thermal Scoped Sniper Rifles! 


                              Nice post.  I just hope someone doesn't start on about how they love the aspect of complaining about campers.  Makes my head hurt! 

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                                Graphics along with the new  destructible/inter-active  maps. 

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                                  I like the way you can customise your loadout and your soldier, am having a blast trying to earn patches and love the slide feature, went back to Black Ops 2 to do clan ops for KC, went to slide to collect a line of tags totally forgetting that pressing B while sprinting launches you into a dolphin dive, must have looked like a complete idiot flying over the tags, found it rather amusing

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                                    how in the heck nobody hasn't mentioned zero tac insert boosting is beyond me, but i feel that was the best change for this title. i play on wiiu and my gawd did boosting ruin blops2!!!

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                                      I love shooting the slider as he's almost stopped, almost as much as enjoy shooting somebody in mid air when jump off of a building. 

                                      Overall I actually like the way Ghosts works, you can buy your, weapons attachments & perks if you want to. Lately however I'm getting really frustrated with the game because of the clans and clan members. For an old scrub like me that just likes shooting & blowing up stuff, I find that against these guys my match generally ends with me backing out. Clans don't recruit bad players, so even if the game doesn't have a party of them, 3 or 4 random clan members will kick butt because they're generally already used to running comms. I decided to start a new user on BO2 and I'm finding I can actually get kills too, not just deaths. I find it odd too that BO2 has more people playing HC than Ghosts does and getting a match with mediocre players like myself isn't that hard.

                                      I do like Ghosts a lot for it's maps & gameplay, probably more than any other CoD version and will play it till the bitter end with short bursts of sanity breaks in BO2.