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    I noticed something today.


      First of all, this is not meant to be a complaint thread. I just wanted to share something that I noticed while playing today.


      I've been around Call of Duty for a long time, and I am very good at the game. However, when getting into lobbies, I seem to always get matched up with worst players in the lobby. My stats are extremely good (I won't get into k/d) but it seems like every call of duty title has punished me for having such stats. They seem to think that I can carry a team chalked full of noobs against decent people. Frankly, it's just kind of tiring/annoying when I can go 27-7 and still lose because my entire team went extremely negative. I'm still not exactly sure how they stack teams, but I'm sure people like me keep getting the short end of the stick when it comes to teammates.


      I know all of you are going to say, "just lobby up with people who are good," and yeah that would solve the problem for those amount of games. But due to my schedule, usually none of my friends are online when I'm on. I enjoy playing alone, but this kind of thing may discourage me from ever doing it again.

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          Well, it's either that, or they put you with similar players and you win every match in TDM by 50 kills...where is the fun in that.  I like having good players and bad players on the same teams.  That's why when I see full teams of 6 in the same clan with good K/D ratios, I leave immediately.  I like good games, not blowouts either way, I'd rather lose by 2 or 3 than win by 50. 

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              I understand that. I'm not asking to put all the insane people on my team so that we completely dominate. Would it kill them to give me like 2 or 3 other decent players against the other team who has the same? I'd say about 70% of my games, I'm the only one on the team that is positive. I'm not being sarcastic either.

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              That is because they "balance" the skill of both teams.  Allow me to explain.


              1 skill 100

              5 skill 16

              Team skill = 180 with 1 player most of that.

              6 skill 30

              Team skill = 180 even though they are all nearly twice as skill as the entire enemy team except 1 person.


              That would be a perfect match in the eyes of matchmaking systems used by nearly every modern game. They focus on a team balance rather than individual skill. The only way around playing with terrible randoms is to play with friends.


              I know the feeling of carrying the team constantly, but having a sporadic schedule that makes gaming with friends difficult. 3.41 k/d while I run and gun with 20+ kills nearly every game, but my w/l is only 1.25... it suffers from me enjoying objectives gametypes, but lacking good teammates 90% of the time. Still, the fact that I've managed to have a positive w/l in objective gametypes surprises me considering I get teams where my teammates are literally double and triple negative. I can't pick up the slack for 5 people like the game thinks I can..

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                  That would be great if they put a "match making system" in this game. After months of seeing matches put together, I can say there is none here. I've never seen anything as poor as this game for choosing teams.

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                    That might explain why I keep getting paired up with level 18's and their guests all the time. Cod thinks that I can carry them to victory against a clan In fact, I don't even recall playing against people with guests


                    Somehow, I still maintain a 1.7 win/loss mostly playing alone. Probably because I'm starting to use AR's more and going try hard mode to compensate for the crappy teammates I'm getting.

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                    I agree, the close games are the best, those ones where you know every player on both teams are really pushing to win and whether win or loss you cant help but say Good Game to everyone in the lobby. It's a nice ego boost when you have those dominating games though


                    I notice a load of things in ghosts that make me think there are player balancing mechanics in place both in lobby and in game, but It's impossible to know if it's just down to lag fluctuations or w/e and me being a little paranoid, it's probably coincidence so there's no point getting in a huff about it. Like sometimes I can be in a game doing really well, and then after a certain point of doing well the game sometimes seems to decided to balance me out by making me spawn in the worst possible places until my K/D/score levels out or every time I get into a gunfight I experience what feels like a lag spike or a lag switch which means I have no way to kill the person and I insta-die and sometimes, I noticed this a lot in BO2, the lobby's keep switching the teams around until I'm placed with the bottom players whilst all the top players a shuffled around into the opposing team. Like I said it's probably just coincidence, typical CoD irony so there's no point me making a big deal of it and I'm not going to accuse players of cheating or using a lag switch w/e because I don't think that there are that many player out there sad enough to do things like that. But 9/10 these things seem to happen when I'm doing particularly well in a game and stop happening once my score is levelled out

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                        I have not really noticed the spawn issues you mention. I have noticed when I enter a match mid game it will spawn me in back of opposing team members a fair amount of the time for easy kills. One time I was spawned in back of 4 of the opposing team and almost had a killstreak completed in the first two seconds I entered the game. I did feel guilty about that though.

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                        I too hate the matchmaking. My K/D is only a 1.2(I started off HORRIBLY) I play HC KC and am in 1st out of the game 90% of the time. About 20-30 kills with just as many tags and half the deaths. They seem to pair me with noobs and tards. probably 75% of the time. I heard all this great talk of the matchmaking mechanics "Players with equal skill....if you don't like someone, you don't have to play with them...blah blah blah" B.S. I hate the matchmaking. It is crap.

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                          I personally think that the match making in CoD Ghosts is fine. When playing by myself, it seems like I can got big and still lose, but I can also go big and still win. It almost seems to be 50% win/lose with mostly close games. Which seems to be a good balance to me. The mostly close games is the key for me. With previous CoDs, when playing alone, my stats would get me the worst teams and I would constantly lose, and lose big.


                          Here is another thing to think about when playing solo... Just because the other team seems like randoms, doesn't mean they are. My clan won't use their clan tag when playing pub matches because when people see several red clan tags in a lobby, they bolt. Hard to get matches going. We can't be the only clan that does this. The next time you get into a lobby and it seems like you are getting smoked with your randoms, watch to see if the same people on the other team keep getting matched up.


                          There are a lot more people playing in parties than you think and for the most part, it is hard to beat parties with randoms on your team.