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    PS4//PS3 --- Level 24 Plat/Diamond Clan Recruiting members

      Lv. 24  -Get Beasted Son-

      Diamond Division / Platinum

      We are recruiting mostly on the PS4 but will be accepting PS3 members as well.

      We've won most Platinum Clan wars we've been in.  We need some members for the PS4 atm for next Diamond Division.

      Accepting All members!!!!


      1.) Must Play all game modes. No exceptions.

      2.) Clan App.

      3.) K/D of 1.2 +++ which is reasonable.

      4.) Ability to respect, listen, and follow exact directions during clan wars.

      5.) MOST IMPORTANT!!!! MUST be active EVERYDAY during clan wars.

      Thank you. Message Justin-Killedyou, or apply through clan app.