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    Matchmaking lag solution

      I cant help but notice that World at War and Call of duty 4 had 25% less lag and they had no final kill cams. Modern warfare 2 is the first Call of Duty to integrate final kill cams and that's when hit lag started. Would it be a great idea to take out final kill cams and remove a chunk of the lag? Even better! the final kill cam should be played in the lobby once the game is over rather than the game needing to keep up on who got that final kill.We can bring up the entire game in theater with no connection penalty during the game, so perhaps they should utilize the theater system to go through and search for the last kill and bring it up in the lobby. We play with less lag and get to see who got the final kill, everyone is happy.

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          Re: Matchmaking lag solution

          thats a good idea but that final killcam feature is pretty popular and for my understanding is theater mode records every kill every death ect and think of it on a mass scale of each game it records everything but mw3 had a cool feature to not record but not in blackops 2 and on another note for games to have less lag is ping / download / upload / and if you are wired or wireless make sure the router has 802.11 n instead of b/g because n has better throughput but wired is better obviously so talk to your (isp) internet service provider and ask questions and pick a decent provider that is good in your area hope this helps and if it doesn't my bad

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