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    I Need An Active XBOX360 Clan

      My KDR 1.830 And I Am Searching For A Good Active Clan.

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          We require at least 10 hours a week from ALL


          Our clan is fairly new, but has been growing with ACTIVE players.  We enjoy winning! We have members playing every evening into late night/early morning hours.


          We are level 15, have won our first 2 clan wars and will continue to win, going into gold division next clan war.  We all have mics, we get along great, have fun,  and play with each other & other clans very often to get parties of 6 going.


          During clan wars we play whatever we need to in order to win. We have members that enjoy core and hard core,  which makes us a very strong clan when it comes to capturing nodes!


          We don't care about k/d, and believe that it is not a reflection of skill, especially when it comes to playing objective based game modes.


          We are looking for active members who can contribute during clan wars.  We consider active to be 10 or more hours per week. We want 18+ and mature.  Having a headset, DLC, and the ghosts app is extremely helpful and required.

          If your interested and this sounds like it would work for you send me a message on here and I'll send you an invite.

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            WLYP is a level 24 (25 when we get the xp from this clanwar)

            we have 12 members

            clan kd-1.70

            win/loss- 61

            active during clanwars( we're in diamond)

            -never lost a clanwar yet

            currently we have 7 members in the UK and 5 in the US

            we need one more US player so if you're from the US message me on Xbox

            gm:Fleo x Knightas

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              hit me up on xbl lvl24 7 1st place cw wins verticalgore643

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                Add DOMx Chaos! Started clan 5 days ago...w enow have 20 ACTIVE members that have been online everyday! We are already about to hit level 9 and working to hit 10 for gold tags very soon! ^_^