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      • 10. Re: Ping Compensation horrible on ps4 needs adjustment

        Does not take a genius to figure out that the biggest most serious problem with this game is the really horrid lag which is caused by very poor matchmaking!  Yes! if you are getting killed by one bullet from an SMG and kill cam shows hitting you with 5 or 6.  Yes when you unload a clip on a player and he turns around and kills you with one shot.  Yes, when the game consistantly puts you in a game where the game is 2 to 1 in k/d against.  All bag lag and matchmaking.


        I propose a new way of matchmaking.  Why not match according to K/D averages.  In my experience anyone with better then 2 k/d has a really poor connection and is consistantly dominating.  I do not want to be matched up with those players.  If you have speeds of 3 to 15 uploads and less then 1 download with pings of over 30! YOU have a poor connection. I am certain you are the kind of player that dominates and is enjoying this game.  Tell me Im wrong!


        DO NOT TELL ME its because they are just better skilled!! That is a serious load of crap.  Everything I just mentioned above in respect to lag and matchmaking is what I see everytime I play with guys with 2 k/d and above!

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          No.. that is from not having enough people with the proper credentials or fortitude..eh hem {spinal fluid} to say something isn't right.


          It goes hand in hand with weapons that aren't suppressed not making noise. Basically like MW3 when PS3 players didn't have hit registration sound. 402's response "Really!"

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            I agree with online ace , everything you posted is what I see and deal with when I play , but I also play matches where enemies don't show on my screen so I get shot and see nothing but bullets, I have a wired 50 meg download 10 meg upload  and the game is still just as bad as it was before . Cheaters are purposely setting there router to 2 meg connection so they can take advantage of lag compensation and poor servers .

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              Your bandwidth has nothing to do with it. Online gaming has been around for a while now. You'd think the general population would know the difference between bandwidth and ping. But I guess not.

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                "Speeds of 3 to 15 uploads and less than one download with pings over 30!" Was enough to tell me you have no clue.

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                  I was not going to add, but this statement makes me laugh every time I read it:


                  "ps3 works better with cable then hotspot ping. but ps4 the crappiest internet wins"


                  When people say this, I always ask myself : "So after the game was over did they actually take a poll of all the people's "internet quality" in the lobby and correlate it to who did the best?"


                  Another question to ask: "Does that mean any game you did well means you had the crappiest internet in that lobby?"




                  (sorry if my post sounds insulting. It is not directed at you; it is more directed at anyone who ignorantly says such foolish things)

                  • 16. Re: Ping Compensation horrible on ps4 needs adjustment

                    i tested it. and the ps3 on cable i  pull a 2 kd consistently.

                    turn on ps4 on cable cant get 1 kill even from behind.

                    i changed to ps4 to 180ms ping hotspot off my phone and bam now im the guy you cant kill.


                         next i tried black ops 2 it didnt make any difference the game was mechanically flawless.

                    some of the best players from all past cod games completely suck in ghosts because of how screwed up the game is.

                    well you do what you want im playing ps4 on my hotspot and slaying everyone. its like they arent moving or their bullets dont even count when im on the hotspot.


                    i tested all these scenarios for over a week before i posted this. bottom line it cant be fixed and this is what you get. mw4 will be out earlier this year than usual. and then you can have some equality

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                      claisty dont see the videos you talked about bu if you want ill post some for you.

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                        Sorry, should have clarified.  The videos are in the link 'Lag Problem' on my previous comment.  After clicking the link scroll towards the bottom and you'll see the links for the videos and text explanations.  Keep in mind I didn't write or create the videos for that material personally, but they do as good a job articulating lag comp as anyone I have seen.

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                          What did you test? So you figure the problems that people are having is concluded by the fact you tried playing on a wifi hotspot?




                          So I assume that you also have proven that when you are in a lobby and cannot kill anyone, they were on wifi hot spots then!?




                          Tell you what.. play on a wifi hotspot for ever and report back (with proof) that you have excellent games all the time.  And while you are at it, why are you even paying for cable if you play better stealing wifi from inferior sources?




                          Sorry.. my original post was not meant to be insulting... but c'mon... really?  I am not sure how anyone can reply to this without sounding sarcastic and insulting.. really!?

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