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    Ripper DLC Problems, Stat Changes Recommended!

      Hi, I got the Ripper DLC on PS3 on Saturday. I have been hearing form the fellow community that the Ripper is too overpowered already. Well. As soon as I received it and played a couple matches from the start, I've noticed it is actually terribly unbalanced and UNDERPOWERED. I will discuss what the problems are and recommend how to fix them. The Ripper has 2 Modes: SMG and AR Mode. The SMG is somewhat powerful but poses to be a problem when going long ranges. I have seen that the SMG mode CAN go to the maximum of Medium Range, yet the AR mode can't even go there. The First Problem is the Damage. The SMG mode looks like it has the damage balanced because of its high fire rate, which allows it to be slightly inaccurate. This is not the problem. The damage for an SMG/AR Hybrid does not compute in this aspect because a weapon like this would require a bullet to be used for SMG and AR capabilities at the same time. The damage for the SMG needs to be increased to become between the damage of the Bizon and Vector. The damage for the AR mode needs to be increased because it is underpowered drastically. The AR mode damage needs to meet between the Honey Badger and Remington R5. The next problem is the ADS Speed. No, I am not talking about the pressing of the button to go ADS, I am talking about when you ARE ADS and you aim while it is active. The Ripper exceeds beyond the normal ADS for both the SMG and AR classes. My suggestion is lower that sensitivity to the AR standard. And I'm pretty sure you think my controller sensitivity has something to do with it, but I actually had to LOWER it from 9 to 6 and it still doesn't fix that problem. I believe that is all the problems that need to be improved for now. If I find anything else, I will update my findings. Thank you for you time.